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  • Unrulies Speak Out About Managing Their Mental Health During COVID-19

    World Mental Health Day is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. To mark the event, we reached out to Unrulies in London, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, Singapore and New York to find out how they’re managing their mental health during the pandemic. Q: How have you found working from home over the past six months? Kristy Mei, Associate Marketing Manager, New York: “It wasn’t great in the beginning from March to June as both my boyfriend and I worked from a small NYC apartment. We were talking over each other during calls and neither of us had a desk set up. I would work from the couch and then watch TV on the same couch– so I hated that there was

  • How Are Fans Reacting To The Latest Sports Ads?

    As live sport continues to return to screens around the world, so have the sports ads, with spots from the likes of Nike, adidas and Coca-Cola all playing on fans’ nostalgia and excitement for the return of their favourite competitions. We’ve put some of these spots through their paces by testing them on UK audiences, using our emotional targeting and testing tool UnrulyEQ, to see who made it to the finish line and who was left at the starting blocks. On your marks – get set, go! BT Sport fails to score with Unlimited subs This spot from BT TV showcases the recent return of the UK Premier League by featuring several famous footballers and their reactions to a new fictional ‘unlimited subs’ rule. Our analysis shows this

  • Pluto TV’s Head Of Programmatic Partnerships on Lockdown Growth, Cutting The Cable Cord And CTV’s Bright Future

    Pluto TV — one of the fastest growing advertiser-supported video on demand (AVOD) services in the world — joined the UnrulyX premium publisher line-up at the start of the year. We spoke to their Head of Programmatic Partnerships, Jeff Quandt, on the success the service has seen since lockdown, which kinds of content are resonating with viewers during the pandemic and his predictions on where he thinks the CTV space is headed. Enjoy! Q: How have you been working with Unruly? We really kicked things off with Unruly around the time of the Tremor International acquisition, at the start of the year. We’ve seen tremendous growth in 2020 and I attribute a lot of this to our partnership. Unruly is our biggest success story in terms of new

  • Restoring The Soul Of Business With The U7 – A Focus On Inclusion and Diversity

    What the ad industry needs to do to promote greater diversity and inclusion was the main topic of discussion at our second virtual U7 event last week. For those who are not sure, in a nutshell, the U7 is our brand, publisher and agency-powered council. It was set up to create a dialogue with the industry so they can play an active role in shaping the future of digital marketing for the better. The latest event, hosted by ex-Unruly CEO and Global Head Of Advertising Strategy at News Corp, Norm Johnston, explored diversity and inclusion within the industry, including what’s not working, where we need to improve and what needs to be put in place to help us move forward as a more diverse and open industry. Advertising

  • Why Ad Testing Is Going To Be Key For Retailers This Holiday Season

    With a new law on the number of people meeting together in the UK coming into force today, strict lockdown restrictions still in place across many parts of Australia and widespread economic uncertainty around the globe, the 2020 holiday period is going to be very different — and retailers are going to need to be prepared for it. Speaking to Fashion Magazine Drapers, the MD of retail research for GlobalData, Neil Saunders, said: “Retailers hoping for a cracking Christmas to offset a difficult year are likely to be disappointed, although their fate will hinge on what kind of lockdown restrictions – if any – are in place.” US retail giant Walmart recently announced its decision to close on Thanksgiving, ending a long tradition of kicking off its Black

  • CTV Finally Makes TV Advertising Accessible To All

    Many brands (especially ones with smaller ad budgets) do not even consider TV advertising when planning their marketing strategies. That’s because traditionally TV spots = $$$$$$! But that has all changed now thanks to the rise of connected TV (CTV). CTV viewing — in other words, watching TV using devices connected to the internet — is on the rise across the globe, with many markets seeing accelerated growth due to global lockdown restrictions, brought about by the spread of COVID-19. Recent research we carried out found that 82% of the UK and 80% of the US population now have access to CTV content. Streaming into the future According to EMarketer’s Q2 2020 Video Trends report, for the first time, more than half of US consumers’ digital video time

  • Over 80% Of US and UK Consumers Now Have Access to CTV Content

    The spread of COVID-19 and continued lockdown restrictions mean many of us are spending a lot more time at home in front of our TV screens. The arrival of new streaming services from media giants including Disney and HBO, mean accessing connected TV (CTV) content has never been more appealing. CTV content has also never been more easily accessible, with most new TVs arriving with built-in streaming services, and some available for under £100 in the UK. And even if you don’t want to replace your TV, cheap streaming media devices are now available that you can plug into your TV to make it smart. This has led to 82% of the UK and 80% of the US population now having access to CTV content in their homes,

  • What Does The Tech Antitrust Hearing Mean For Adtech?

    Last week the antitrust subcommittee held a hearing for the four biggest leaders in tech; Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Sundar Pichai of Google. Millions of viewers live-streamed the six-hour hearing, keen to finally hear about the internal workings of four of the biggest, and most secretive, tech companies in the world. The hearing was called to ultimately address the fact that these four companies have too much power, with lockdown making them even stronger, as consumers spend more time online due to lockdown restrictions. The committee began by outlining that a single action from any of these companies can affect hundreds of millions of us in profound and lasting ways, with the ability to wipe out entire companies and

  • New Study Shows COVID-19 Pandemic Has Had Little Impact On Ad Effectiveness And Emotional Engagement

    There’s no doubt that the global spread of COVID-19 has created widespread disruption across the ad industry. Many brands have struggled to adapt, unsure of which approach to take in response to such an unprecedented situation. Should they continue to advertise as normal? How much do they need to change their messaging? How has consumer attitudes to advertising changed? To help, we ran a global study back in March to find out how consumers were reacting to advertising during the Coronavirus. One key takeaway, which resonated around the globe, was that most respondents said they expected to still hear from brands during lockdown. To take this a step further, we wanted to find out whether attitudes towards advertising had changed during the COVID pandemic. So we conducted a