Unruly DNA: How Unruly Uses Artificial Intelligence To Increase Sales From A Brand’s Light Buyers (Video)

Unruly teamed up with IBM Watson last week to launch Unruly DNA – a new tool which helps brands use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find and engage the people most likely to increase sales.

Unruly DNA combines Unruly’s emotional intelligence tools with IBM Watson’s machine learning capabilities to create psychometric and behavioural profiles of light buyers.

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Christmas Bashes & Toilet Dashes: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly brings you the latest and greatest bits of creative from around Adland. And what a week it has been…

In this week’s round-up we see the final chapter in the epic saga of Aldi’s Kevin The Carrot and a novel ad from Nike imploring people to spend a little less time in front of screens.

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Unruly’s Jeff Minsky On Making The Most Of CES 2017 ( Part 2 of 2)

We sat down with Unruly’s SVP of Agency & Client Development Jeff Minsky last week to learn how to make the most of your time at CES. Jeff gave insight into why he loves attending the show and how a consumer electronics show has become relevant to the advertising industry.

This week we share the second half of our conversation with Jeff, where he shares his tips for making the most of CES 2017.

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Mrs Claus & Snowy Paws : The Most Shared Christmas Ads Of 2016

With John Lewis’s festive campaign bouncing its way to the most shared ad of the year last week, there’s no presents on offer for anyone guessing which ad finished on top of the 2016 Christmas tree.

The UK retailer continued its incredible run of Yuletide success this year with “#BusterTheBoxer”, racking up an incredible 1,988,608 shares since it was launched last month, making it also the most shared John Lewis ad of all time. But a look at this year’s top 10 most shared Xmas ads does reveal some Christmas surprises.

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Christmas Trains & Growing Pains: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

As winter closes in, Unruly is here to keep you warm with our weekly selection of the best ads on the internet.

This week’s batch of stocking stuffers includes Wes Anderson’s surprise Xmas ad for H&M, the return of Napoleon Dynamite and another impressive stunt from Volvo Trucks.

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Unruly’s Jeff Minsky Gives His Tips On Making The Most Of CES 2017 (Part 1 of 2)

With close to 70,000 senior executives and representatives from 81% of the countries around the globe, CES can be overwhelming for any first-timer. Now in its 50th year, 2017 won’t be any different.

So we sat down with Unruly’s SVP of Agency & Client Development, Jeff Minsky, who has been leading tours at CES for C-level marketers (McDonald’s, Visa, Pepsi, CBS and more) and senior agency leaders for over a decade, to learn how to make the most of your time in Vegas.

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City Unrulyversity’s Final Farewell – What’s Next For Tech City?

City Unrulyversity – a free weekly ‘pop-up University’ hosted by Unruly and City University – held its last-ever session at the London HQ this week.

It’s been an incredible 4 years since City Unrulyversity was first set up. During which time, Unruly has welcomed over 4,826 attendees from all walks of life to its London HQ in Shoreditch, listening to 147 speakers present at 104 separate sessions.

Established back in January 2013, it’s many events have focused on a range of topics, from key advice for entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups, to broader subjects like diversity and London’s ever-evolving tech scene.

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Jumping Dogs And Yuletide Logs: The Most Shared Ads Of November 2016

It should come as no surprise that November’s top ads list was dominated by all manner of Christmas cheer.

As fairy lights line our high streets and every pub and cafe dust off their festive playlists, so too have brands across the world been sharing their Yuletide visions with the social web. Christmas is always the time when brands show off their biggest ideas (and biggest budgets), and 2016 has been no exception.

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