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  • Unruly with the Assist!
    How DIRECTV Wins in the Live Sports & Programmatic Game

    Since 2022, DIRECTV Advertising has partnered with Unruly to both monetize their premium live sports inventory and enable advertisers to seamlessly reach their expansive and coveted live sports audiences year-round. In addition to the quality demand sourced from Unruly, DIRECTV Advertising’s access to Unruly’s CTRL self-service platform and its capabilities have been crucial to create live sports PMP deals (e.g., dayparting and channel targeting), and DIRECTV Advertising has continued to reap the benefits including increased revenue and scalable live sports audience delivery.

  • Self-Service Audience Targeting Helped Glewed TV Earn 15- 25% Higher eCPM

    Since the launch of Unruly’s self-service platform CTRL in 2021, Glewed TV has used our solution not only to price, package, and sell their premium supply to brands both directly and via Unruly’s supporting PMP/PG sales channels, but also to tap into its various features to enhance their inventory.

  • Unruly Helps FloSports Score Big by Driving a 28% Avg. Higher eCPM 

    FloSports is a subscription-based OTT sports streaming service that delivers live and on-demand events, news, commentary, and more across 25+ sport categories. As a leading innovator in sports streaming, FloSports seeks to unite sporting communities across the globe through the premium content that sports fans love.

  • Miley In Layers

    In June 2021, Magnum launched its ‘Miley In Layers’ campaign across the globe. As part of the launch, Magnum produced a series of videos in collaboration with Miley Cyrus. The partnership brought Miley’s fans closer to her than ever before with her first-ever 8D virtual live show and an exclusive experience for Magnum ice cream, the world’s authority on pleasure. Unruly utilised its premium publisher network of video and connected TV inventory in each market to deliver the campaign over three campaign bursts to the core Magnum audiences – Adults 18-35 years old and music lovers (electronic, country and rap).

  • Unruly’s Self-Service Tech Helps Drive PMP Sales Success for Philo

    Philo is quickly gaining ad-supported streaming market share with their premium live, VOD, and DVR viewing platform. With entertainment and lifestyle-focused content across  60+ channels from programmers including Discovery, AMC, Viacom, A+E, and Hallmark, Philo provides a reinvented TV experience for the modern age.  As a programmatic-first publisher with no direct sales team, Philo works closely with programmatic partners including Unruly SSP to maximize the value of their inventory and deliver premium programmatic advertising opportunities to brands. With our unique global video-first end-to-end ad platform made up of the Tremor Video DSP, the Tremor International DMP, and the Unruly marketplace, Unruly is well positioned to meet Philo’s need for both direct PMP sales and incremental revenue opportunities that would drive their overall business growth.  _

  • Help for Heroes

    To celebrate their 50th Birthday, The Sun asked their readers to nominate good causes to receive one million pounds worth of donations. To inspire nominations, they launched a campaign highlighting stories about their readers called: “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. The Sun asked Unruly to create a 30 second video ad from their long-form content which would have the biggest impact on their target audience and ultimately drive consumers to find out more about the programme. As a result of the campaign, The Sun were thrilled to have received over 3,000 nominations 34% Brand favourability vs. UK market norm of 29%