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How DIRECTV Wins in the Live Sports & Programmatic Game

It has often been said that as long as live sports were broadcast on linear TV, streaming would remain an underdog in securing the sports viewers at the scale needed to meet advertiser demands. But those days are in the past as users toggle between both a linear TV and digital viewing experience, and DIRECTV—the leader in live sports—is now on a fast break to success.

Since 2022, DIRECTV Advertising has partnered with Unruly to both monetize their premium live sports inventory and enable advertisers to seamlessly reach their expansive and coveted live sports audiences year-round. In addition to the quality demand sourced from Unruly, DIRECTV Advertising’s access to Unruly’s CTRL self-service platform and its capabilities have been crucial to create live sports PMP deals (e.g., dayparting and channel targeting), and DIRECTV Advertising has continued to reap the benefits including increased revenue and scalable live sports audience delivery.

Key Results

avg. higher win rate
in comparison
to other SSP partners
(driven by higher eCPMs)
increase in revenue from the Unruly SSP within the 60 days leading up to and during major live sporting events
of spend from the top grossing deals in the Unruly SSP was solely on sports content
of delivered impressions
were specific to
sports content demand

The Playbook That Helped DIRECTV Advertising Score Big


A Perfect Assist

Using Unruly’s methodology to organize the content metadata into a standardized format, DIRECTV Advertising was able to package their inventory into PMPs based on both daypart and channel, enabling programmatic advertisers to buy live sports as easily as they would for linear.

A Strong Offense

As the SSP in Tremor International’s end-to-end platform, Unruly drove even more unique value to the partnership through its complementary DSP, Tremor Video. The demand from the DSP contributed to an additional 25% of the revenue within the top 10 grossing deals.

*as of March 2023

A Team Effort

Unruly’s customer support team was with DIRECTV Advertising at every step in the process—providing frequent optimizations to ensure scalable biddable inventory and accurate delivery.

The Unruly SSP has been a great partner in the way that we’ve been able to deliver premium live sports inventory at scale to advertisers and monetize that valuable content through PMPs and sourced demand. We’re excited to continue this partnership throughout every sports season.
Matt Jamison, AVP of Digital and Demand Partnerships

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