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  • First Ad Slot Targeting: Bringing Linear Offerings To CTV

    The concept of first ad slot targeting is not new. In fact, it’s existed for decades in traditional, linear television environments. Brands that want their advertisements as close to the entertainment as possible have long been able to do so – thus maximizing brand awareness and their media investment. The challenge, however, is that this offering was not yet available in connected TV (CTV) environments, where consumers are continuing to shift their attention. 

  • Delivery Matters in Meeting Consumer Viewing Expectations

    Most people aren’t terribly fond of advertisements while they’re watching a show, even those of us in the ad tech industry. But consumers (which we in the ad tech industry are too) understand that it’s a necessary part of accessing content, so we sit through them. However, when ads on CTV/OTT that aren’t relevant to us are played over and over–for me it’s osteoporosis drugs and Alaskan cruises–the quality of our viewing experienced is pretty diminished. As publishers compete for viewers and market share, ensuring a good customer experience becomes critical to user retention.   In the ad tech industry often when we talk about an ad server, the conversation revolves primarily around monetization or lightly touches on solutions for stopping repeating ads or the dreaded “commercial break in

  • Contextual is Key: Philo’s Aulden Kaye Shares How Contextual Targeting Benefits Both Advertisers and the Viewer’s Experience

    Unruly’s Ally Appelbaum, Sr. Director of Publisher Development, sat down with Aulden Kaye, Director of Advertising Partnerships at Philo, to discuss the hot topic of contextual targeting on CTV/OTT.  Learn how Philo leverages features like genre and rating targeting to deliver a more cohesive ad-viewing experience to their audience and relevant content environments for advertisers.   Big thanks to Aulden and our friends at Philo for participating in Unruly Talks! 

  • Introducing Spearad

    Spearad is an advanced global video ad server and media management platform purpose-built specifically for TV broadcasters and TV content providers to deliver seamless, TV-like ad experiences across CTV/OTT and linear addressable environments – with the ease and advantages that only digital ad tech can provide.

  • A Look at Content-Level Targeting: The Next Generation Of Contextual Advertising

    A Q&A with Product Marketing Manager, Vanessa Nguyen As TV viewing habits and ad spend continue to shift and migrate — with as many as 60 percent of marketers (in the U.S. alone) planning to move ad dollars from linear to advanced TV this year* — the importance of strong and relevant contextual advertising has become increasingly meaningful. Too often, though, content-level attributes aren’t passed on from publishers in the advanced TV space — costing them valuable revenue streams, limiting marketing opportunities for buyers, and serving less personalized advertising to consumers. But with the advent of standardized content-level targeting — an offering Unruly is thrilled to have pioneered and integrated into parent company Tremor International’s end-to-end technology platform — the game is changing. So, what exactly is content-level

  • Chief Revenue Officer Steve Sottile looks to the future of TV and OTT advertising, and how the introduction of VIDAA’s ACR data into our platform will benefit advertisers and publishers

    Today, Tremor International announced it has signed a deal with VIDAA, a smart TV operating system and content platform. VIDAA is preinstalled on most TVs manufactured by Hisense, considered one of the top TV manufacturers in the world, and also integrated into a number of premium original equipment manufacturers (OEM) including Toshiba. Through the deal Tremor International’s technology platform, including the Unruly SSP, will gain exclusive access to VIDAA’s automatic content recognition (ACR) data, both in the US and internationally. I sat down with Steve Sottile, Unruly’s Chief Revenue Officer, to find out what this exclusive deal means for Unruly’s advertising and publishing partners. What exactly is ACR data and why is it important? ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) data identifies the content and ads that are being watched

  • The CTV Opportunity: Stop Talking Reach and Start Talking Creative

    The exponential increase in CTV adoption across the globe represents a new and unique opportunity for marketers and brands. 8 in 10 people have CTV access in Australia, and 7 in 10 in Indonesia. In Singapore, 87% of the population has access to CTV, with 42% owning more than three devices.  As creative remains a key element in driving advertising success, how can marketers harness the content capabilities and creative formats that CTV can offer?   This important question and other interesting trends were discussed at “The CTV opportunity: Stop talking reach and start talking creative” panel discussion, aired on 15 October 2021 as part of The Drum Digital Summit 2021. Topics included the driving forces of CTV adoption, opportunities and challenges in developing creative for CTV, personalisation in

  • How to win in today’s highly competitive attention economy

    By the end of 2020, 94% of UK homes had internet access. Individuals spent nearly 5 hours online every single day: three hours and 37 minutes on smartphones, tablets or computers, and another one hour 21 minutes watching video streaming content. People tuned into their Connected TVs more than ever before. When multiple devices compete for consumer attention at any given time, how can online publishers captivate their audiences? For online publishers, this level of Internet engagement represents a huge opportunity to drive revenue through subscriptions and, of course, advertising. However, with so much choice, one bad experience can quickly lose a potential consumer. Given these circumstances, one thing is clear: attention cannot be bought; attention must be earned. Great content alone is no longer enough to engage users, publishers need

  • Unruly at The Drum Digital Summit 2021

    The CTV era is upon us and there has been a massive paradigm shift in the way content is consumed. Brands are quickly learning that their approach to digital advertising needs to evolve to match the high-quality, personalised content flowing through millions of homes each day.  It is no secret that creative is a key element for the success of advertising campaigns, and with the rise of CTV, this is more important than ever. How can marketers make use of new content capabilities and creative formats that CTV can offer? How and why should brands place creative at the centre of advertising direction and focus on amplifying viewer-brand connection? “The CTV opportunity: Stop talking reach and start talking creative” is scheduled to air on Friday 15 October 2021