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  • Big Tech in the Game of Live Sports: The Impact for Consumers and Brands (from New York Advertising Week)

    As Big Tech and smart TVs like Hisense make the play to air live sports, brands and leagues have new opportunities to interact with fans. In fact, Tremor International is getting into the sports game as the official monetization platform for FIFA+ ahead of the World Cup, through our recent partnership with VIDAA/Hisense. While the emergence of Big Tech specifically into the live sports space lends itself to creating additional challenges in measurement, efficiency, and paid subscription woes for consumers, there is still great potential for the future of advertising and fan engagement. Tremor International CMO Emily Barfuss explored this topic in a panel discussion for New York Advertising Week with Jeremy Carey, CIO at Optimum Sports, and Jason Brum, GVP of Agency Partnerships at DIRECTV Advertising. More

  • FloSports Publisher Spotlight

    We talk a lot about inventory monetization in the industry, but at the end of the day, the consumer experience is what matters. If you aren’t engaging to an audience, then you won’t have any impressions to monetize…

  • Roads for Monetization are Clearer with CTRL Deal Forecasting

    The competition across the ad-supported digital video and CTV landscape is challenging publishers to break out of their lanes in search of a clearer path for ad dollars. When it comes to Private Marketplace (PMP) and Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) deals – being prepared is half the battle in remaining competitive. Having the right partner and tools for inventory packaging can put publishers in the fast lane to streamlining deal pre-sale workflow to meet buyer needs more efficiently while maximizing revenue opportunities. 

  • What the Heck is a Unified Auction? 

    As you may recall, earlier this year we fully integrated our Spearad ad server and unified auction solution into the Unruly ad platform. This integration allows publishers to control how ads appear within their content to provide a better viewing experience to their audiences, enables them to have more control over their inventory pricing, and lets us pave a more seamless path to direct and programmatic revenue for these publisher partners.

  • Tremor International Suits Up & Gives Back

    Last week, Tremor International had the privilege of partnering with the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club through SuitUp – a non-profit dedicated to bringing companies into the classroom and leveraging employees’ expertise to enhance young students’ learnings. We “challenged” groups of middle schoolers to think up a new product or service that could support young professionals starting their careers at Tremor International, pairing Tremor employees with each of the groups as volunteer coaches. The students then presented their ideas to a panel of judges – including myself – and we selected a winning team (which proved to be very difficult to do!), who designed a smart watch concept to improve the onboarding process and employees’ mental health during the work day. This was definitely an educational experience

  • First Ad Slot Targeting: Bringing Linear Offerings To CTV

    The concept of first ad slot targeting is not new. In fact, it’s existed for decades in traditional, linear television environments. Brands that want their advertisements as close to the entertainment as possible have long been able to do so – thus maximizing brand awareness and their media investment. The challenge, however, is that this offering was not yet available in connected TV (CTV) environments, where consumers are continuing to shift their attention. 

  • Delivery Matters in Meeting Consumer Viewing Expectations

    Most people aren’t terribly fond of advertisements while they’re watching a show, even those of us in the ad tech industry. But consumers (which we in the ad tech industry are too) understand that it’s a necessary part of accessing content, so we sit through them. However, when ads on CTV/OTT that aren’t relevant to us are played over and over–for me it’s osteoporosis drugs and Alaskan cruises–the quality of our viewing experienced is pretty diminished. As publishers compete for viewers and market share, ensuring a good customer experience becomes critical to user retention.   In the ad tech industry often when we talk about an ad server, the conversation revolves primarily around monetization or lightly touches on solutions for stopping repeating ads or the dreaded “commercial break in

  • Contextual is Key: Philo’s Aulden Kaye Shares How Contextual Targeting Benefits Both Advertisers and the Viewer’s Experience

    Unruly’s Ally Appelbaum, Sr. Director of Publisher Development, sat down with Aulden Kaye, Director of Advertising Partnerships at Philo, to discuss the hot topic of contextual targeting on CTV/OTT.  Learn how Philo leverages features like genre and rating targeting to deliver a more cohesive ad-viewing experience to their audience and relevant content environments for advertisers.   Big thanks to Aulden and our friends at Philo for participating in Unruly Talks! 

  • Introducing Spearad

    Spearad is an advanced global video ad server and media management platform purpose-built specifically for TV broadcasters and TV content providers to deliver seamless, TV-like ad experiences across CTV/OTT and linear addressable environments – with the ease and advantages that only digital ad tech can provide.