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Take Control with Unruly CTRL

Unruly helps premium publishers with a foundation in video maximize revenue across CTV, mobile, desktop, and smart speaker inventory connected to Unruly SSP.

It starts with quality demand. We have long-standing direct relationships with premium demand partners – including top brands, agencies, and connections to a diverse set of the world’s major DSPs. As part of an end-to-end technology platform, we provide a complete suite of solutions to help you increase the value of your inventory.

Self-Service PMP Deal Capabilities

Take control over how you package, price, and sell your premium inventory with Unruly CTRL – our simple to use platform and intuitive UI.

Flexible controls to maximize revenue

Pricing: Customize pricing per deal/buyer (dynamic & fixed priced auction types available)

Deal Forecasting: Check pre-sale deal feasibility with real-time forecast of volume avails

Delivery: Apply request or impression caps and throttle delivery pacing

Visibility: Control which buyers see specific inventory

Data Activation: Align your inventory with buyer KPIs including content-level and audience-based targeting

CTV/OTT Ad Pod Monetization: Guarantee an advertiser first ad position within an ad pod via deal

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Gain actionable insights including advertiser-level and buyer-level transparency for lead-gen, PMP deal troubleshooting, and more.

Demand Reporting:
Insights into the advertisers
buying your traffic and the DSPs they’re using

Supply Reporting:
Performance of domain or app
across device type, impression type, and geo

Monetize Your Programmatic Inventory with a Deal Type to Match​ Your Objectives


Progammatic Direct

Enables publishers to offer reserved inventory at a fixed cpm to one buyer only. This gives publishers an option to sell premium inventory only to interested buyers at a higher CPM and provides advertisers the reliability of transacting on fixed pricing and guaranteed inventory.​​

Preferred Deal

Empowers publishers to give one buyer first right of refusal for each impression per Preferred deal ID. This gives publishers the ability to establish and control the price to help return higher yield while offering a buyer the flexibility to decide if an impression matches campaign objectives.​

Non-Preferred Deal

Allows publishers to highlight certain segments of their supply to one or more buyers via a deal ID, helping to drive more competition and maximize yield for each impression. Non-preferred can be a cost-effective way for advertisers to buy media with access to the largest audience while helping to increase fill for a publisher.​

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