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Why Spearad​

Spearad is an advanced ad server and unified auction platform that not only has the holistic tools to help drive more revenue for TV broadcasters and TV content providers on CTV/OTT, but also the flexibility and control to manage how ads are shown to viewers.

Ad Decisioning Built for Advanced TV​

Holistic Ad Decisioning Across all Demand
Make real-time decisions on which ads to show based on your predetermined rules, targeting criteria, frequency capping, competitive separation, and pricing

Customizable Ad Break Management
Customize your ad breaks by determining the duration of the break, the number of ad slots within that duration, and set flexible pricing for each slot

Live Stream Tester
Troubleshoot issues with a real-time view of what your ad break will look like to ensure that your ads will run correctly

Superior Campaign Management
Manage, traffic, and track the revenue and performance of your campaigns through a consolidated Spearad and Unruly CTRL interface

Seamless Path to Direct & Programmatic Revenue​

Advanced TV Unified Auction
Get the optimal price for your inventory from your SSP partners and/or direct demand

Unique Demand
Tap into the unique demand driven by Unruly sales channels and/or the Tremor Video DSP

Advertiser Direct
Set up and transact deals directly within the Spearad platform

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