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Unruly regularly collaborates with leading academics from around the globe – including scholars at Harvard Business School, the University of Cambridge and Stanford University – to help advertisers and publishers inform their video strategies.

  • CTV Creative Best Practices

    Quick Tips for Using Data-Driven Creative and QR Codes in Programmatic The experts have compiled this reference guide for two of the most talked about CTV/OTT creative formats–QR codes and data-driven creative (addressable)–to help your brand make the most effective use of the biggest digital screen in the house.

  • Navigating the UNknown

    Six Strategies for Success as we Emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic – To help advertisers stay on track Unruly has put together a playbook for success with six strategies for brands to leverage all digital advertising has to offer. We hope you find inspiration and hope in this guide.

  • UNstereotype: The Power of Progressive Video Ads

    To help brands understand the positive impact progressive ads have on performance, Unruly analyzed 511 ads from around the world using its proprietary content testing tool, UnrulyEQ, which measures the emotional and brand impact ads have on consumers.

  • Ramadan Playbook 2021

    In a post-COVID world, how do you ensure your ad is a hit with viewers during the period of Ramadan? We’ve analysed the top video ads from Ramadan 2020, across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to bring you a comprehensive view of Ramadan based video advertising in Southeast Asia.

  • The Lunar New Year Ad Hub

    Usher in the year of the Ox with Unruly’s Lunar New Year Ad Hub! With emotions running even higher than usual in the run-up to this year’s festive period, we used our content testing tool UnrulyEQ to measure which New Year ads are generating the most smiles, laughs, and tears from audiences from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Just pop in your work email address to access the chart.

  • UNcovering The Winning Brands Behind Super Bowl LV

    It’s going to be more interesting than ever to see how this year’s brands approach the Big Game. We are running all the major ads from Super Bowl LV through their paces with our content testing and targeting tool UnrulyEQ to understand how they performed and what emotions they have evoked in audiences.

  • 2021 And Beyond: A Series Of Predictions From The U7

    This white paper is a compilation of predictions from the U7, a brand, publisher, and agency-powered council, set up by Unruly to shape the future of digital marketing for the better. Our contributors’ predictions span the continued development of connected TV (CTV), new-look partnerships between brands, publishers, agencies, and technology companies, potential cracks in the walled gardens, and how to rip up the rule book to deliver results for publishers and brands and value for consumers.