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  • Tremor International Launches Exclusive Audience Offering of High-Reach TV Viewership Data Infused with Fyllo Cannabis & CBD Transaction Data

    April 19, 2022 – New York – Tremor International (AIM/NASDAQ: TRMR), a global leader in video and Connected TV (“CTV”) advertising, offering an end-to-end technology platform that enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences and publishers to maximize yield on their digital advertising inventory, and Fyllo, a leader in compliance-first SaaS solutions for highly regulated industries, today announced the next stage of their partnership, designed to enable advertisers to reach premium, high-spending and engaged consumers across all screens, including programmatic video and CTV. Through industry-leading data science and audience enrichment, Tremor International and Fyllo have created unique audience segments that fuse Tremor’s high-reach TV viewership data from up to 44 million US households – spanning broadcast, cable, streaming and ad content – with Fyllo’s offline-sourced, deterministic Cannabis & CBD purchase

  • First Ad Slot Targeting: Bringing Linear Offerings To CTV

    The concept of first ad slot targeting is not new. In fact, it’s existed for decades in traditional, linear television environments. Brands that want their advertisements as close to the entertainment as possible have long been able to do so – thus maximizing brand awareness and their media investment. The challenge, however, is that this offering was not yet available in connected TV (CTV) environments, where consumers are continuing to shift their attention. 

  • Delivery Matters in Meeting Consumer Viewing Expectations

    Most people aren’t terribly fond of advertisements while they’re watching a show, even those of us in the ad tech industry. But consumers (which we in the ad tech industry are too) understand that it’s a necessary part of accessing content, so we sit through them. However, when ads on CTV/OTT that aren’t relevant to us are played over and over–for me it’s osteoporosis drugs and Alaskan cruises–the quality of our viewing experienced is pretty diminished. As publishers compete for viewers and market share, ensuring a good customer experience becomes critical to user retention.   In the ad tech industry often when we talk about an ad server, the conversation revolves primarily around monetization or lightly touches on solutions for stopping repeating ads or the dreaded “commercial break in

  • Contextual is Key: Philo’s Aulden Kaye Shares How Contextual Targeting Benefits Both Advertisers and the Viewer’s Experience

    Unruly’s Ally Appelbaum, Sr. Director of Publisher Development, sat down with Aulden Kaye, Director of Advertising Partnerships at Philo, to discuss the hot topic of contextual targeting on CTV/OTT.  Learn how Philo leverages features like genre and rating targeting to deliver a more cohesive ad-viewing experience to their audience and relevant content environments for advertisers.   Big thanks to Aulden and our friends at Philo for participating in Unruly Talks! 

  • Tremor International Increases TV Data Reach to 44 Million US Households

    Tremor Video & Unruly platforms now provide access to the industry’s largest co-mingled datasets for TV and cross-device media strategies Enhancements to the TV Intelligence solution and new partnerships, including with TVision and, ramp the scale and efficacy of Set-Top Box, ACR and cross-screen panel data February 17, 2022 – New York – Tremor International, a global leader in video and Connected TV (“CTV”) advertising, offering an end-to-end technology platform that enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences and publishers to maximize yield on their digital advertising inventory, today announced the increased scale of its data-driven TV Intelligence solution. Through new partnerships signed in recent months, the TV Intelligence solution’s national footprint now reaches 44 million US households, with a more holistic and representative dataset sourced from smart TVs

  • VIDAA Selects Unruly’s SSP and Ad Server for CTV and Native Display

    Decision deepens trusted partnership spanning media and data integrations January 13, 2022 – VIDAA, a smart TV operating system and content platform preinstalled on most TVs manufactured by Hisense and other global Smart TVs, has selected Unruly, a leading global video and Connected TV (CTV) programmatic advertising platform, as its strategic Sell-side Platform (SSP), to enable global access to all of their video and native display media. VIDAA will also integrate Unruly’s ad server, which is available through its October 2021 acquisition of Spearad, to enable greater efficiency and control over their CTV ad delivery with granular ad pod controls and targeting. Globally, the relationship between VIDAA and Unruly spans beyond a media relationship, following the October 2021 announcement that VIDAA’s automatic content recognition (ACR) data will be

  • Unruly Reveals Top Emotionally Engaging Holiday Ads of 2021

    Global study shows top holiday ads forgo Covid-19 references, invoke nostalgia and gathering London – December 16, 2021 – Unruly, a leading global video and Connected TV (CTV) advertising platform, today revealed the most emotionally engaging holiday ads of 2021 using its content testing tool, UnrulyEQ, that measures consumer responses to video advertising. Unruly’s global data shows holiday ads sparking high emotional responses include those from Disney, Wegmans, Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, Tesco, Macy’s, Australia Post, IKEA and McDonald’s. The full list of global results can be found on Unruly’s Holiday Ad Hub. As December 2020 approached, brands went out of their way to relate to the uncertainty of holidays amidst a global pandemic. Messages last year reflected the change in storied traditions and adaptability of consumers as they still attempted to bring

  • Unruly Launches Content-level Targeting to Enhance the Value of Publishers’ CTV and Video Inventory

    Standardized attributes across genre and rating segments enable scaled buying on premium video content, as spend moves from linear to digital LONDON, December 1, 2021 – Unruly, a leading global video and Connected TV (CTV) programmatic advertising platform, today announced the introduction of its content-level targeting solution that segments inventory based on publisher bidstream attributes that mirror linear TV buys, such as genre and rating. The solution brings standardization to the programmatic Over-the-Top TV (OTT) and CTV ecosystem, and will serve publishers who are increasingly looking to meet buyers’ needs for contextual targeting opportunities, as spend moves from linear to digital environments. At launch, twenty-six segments are supported based on content attributes such as genre and rating. Unruly’s proprietary methodology evaluates the direct publisher partner data and simplifies