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Our CTRL self-service platform enables you to package, price, and sell inventory through programmatic direct, preferred, and non-preferred deals​

Unique Demand​

Leverage our direct sales channels with global advertisers, agencies and DSPs including demand from Tremor Video DSP


Enrich your inventory with unique blended TV viewership data or other premium data sets to drive more value for your supply

Advanced Unified Auction & Ad Serving​

Spearad helps publishers deliver better ad-viewing experiences to their consumers and maximize the value of their ad breaks on CTV/OTT

Unruly CTRL

Unruly CTRL is our self-service platform for publishers to seamlessly set up and activate programmatic deals, including direct, PMPs, and open auction.


Spearad is a purpose-built unified auction and ad-serving solution for TV broadcasters and TV content publishers to deliver a better advertising experience for their CTV/OTT audiences.

Driving Data

Unruly’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and experienced in-house data science team help drive more value for your inventory through our awesome PMPs.

First and third-party data, including exclusive access to ACR data in the US, and UnrulyEQ audiences, can be layered onto a deal ID on our supply platform to create efficiencies and drive higher CPMs.

Unruly Shield

Protect your reputation online with our industry-recognised brand safety promise underpinning Unruly.

Unruly Shield combines in-house technology, third party integrations, industry certifications and daily quality assurance to ensure we’re playing a leading role in improving the quality of the ad experience for advertisers, publishers and consumers.

To find out more about Unruly Shield’s in house team and tech, third party technology partnerships, and industry certifications click the below button to download the Unruly Shield one-pager.

Hands on help

As an Unruly publisher, you’ll receive hands-on account management services that help with set-up, as well as yield and revenue optimization support. You will also have self-service access to the Unruly CTRL platform for in-depth campaign information and filters that provide the transparency needed to manage and grow your ad revenue.

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