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Increase the Value of Your Inventory through Unruly’s CTRL Platform with Audience Targeting

There is nothing more crucial to the success of an advertising campaign than finding and connecting with the right audience. But making that happen in today’s fragmented media ecosystem is more complex than ever. With massive quantities of data, multiple viewing devices, and thousands of content options, finding audiences can be a complicated puzzle. If you’re a publisher, making it easier for your buyers to find their target audience can be a game changer. 

Unruly’s self-service platform for PMPs, CTRL, allows publishers to do just that with audience targeting. Our in-house Data Management Platform (DMP) with server-side connections to 3rd party data providers gives publishers the ability to easily layer pre-defined audiences onto their inventory to immediately open new scalable revenue opportunities with buyers and increase the value of their inventory. 

The Benefits of Layering Audience Targeting onto Your Programmatic Supply with Unruly

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  • Layering data on your supply in CTRL can help improve match rates against the audiences that advertisers are targeting, which can improve campaign delivery and can make your inventory more desirable to buyers. 
  • Using CTRL’s household targeting options, where 3rd party segments are matched to IP addresses, you can further increase the potential reach of an audience.

Gain Buyer Insights and Easily Align Your Inventory with What Advertisers Want 

  • Discover untapped audiences popular with buyers that you might not be aware of–and price your inventory accordingly. 
  • CTRL supports 150+ demo and interest-based segments with flexible inclusion and exclusion options to match buyer KPIs. 
  • With CTRL’s deal forecasting feature, which allows you to evaluate the pre-sale feasibility of a deal, you can see how certain targeting selections can impact scale.

Operational Efficiencies for Both Buyers and Seller

  • Supply side audience targeting alleviates any activation bandwidth challenges on the buy side. 
  • Unruly’s dedicated account team is always on-hand as both a resource and partner to help you set up the most strategic and streamlined targeting in order to maximize your inventory value. 

To learn more about how you can take advantage of our PMP Audience Targeting contact: bdcrtl@unrulygroup.com