Viral Review: Nike And Kevin Hart Keep On Running


Nike: The Man Who Kept Running feat. Kevin Hart

Rating: 7/10

Few brands have advertising ambitions as grandly cinematic as Nike. Over the years, they’ve produced globe-trotting epics, arthouse dramas, thrilling documentaries and even their own Pixar-style fantasias. But besides creating their own blockbusters, the brand also has its own storied history on the silver screen, from Marty McFly’s future boots to Bill Murray’s absurd slippers from ‘Lost In Translation’.

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10 Happy Ads From 2016 To Get You Through #BlueMonday


Feeling particularly sad today? Life getting you down more than normal? Are your cornflakes particularly soggy today? Your commute extra annoying?

Well, don’t worry – there’s a reason for it. That’s because today is officially  the saddest day of the year. Yeah, if you thought this week could not get any gloomier with Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, guess again. Back in 2005, Dr Cliff Arnall came up with a formula for predicting the saddest day of the year based on such things as the weather, debts, time since Christmas and motivation. And today’s the day.

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Chainsaws & Minotaurs: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now


2017 is in full swing – and so is Adland! As the new year campaigns begin to roll out, Unruly is here to share our weekly selection of the best 5 ads you can watch right now.

This week’s list features an ad telling you to get up and go, an ad telling you to put your feet up – and a man with a chicken on his head.

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Post-Human Advertising: Does AI Spell The End Of Media And Marketing As We Know It?

AI marketing

This article was first published on The Drum.

Technology cycles like this: magic, mainstream, mundane. Artificial Intelligence is firmly in its mainstream moment and is becoming so embedded in the everyday that we risk not noticing it at all.

Self-driving cars, humanoid robots and Go grand masters may grab the popular imagination, but it’s the way that AI is seeping into everything from voice recognition to fast food delivery that better illustrates its quiet ubiquity. Alexa and Siri don’t just seem to be getting smarter, they are getting smarter, day by day, along with most other connected devices.

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Kathy Bates & Kevin Waits: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now


We’re back! It’s January, which means it’s time for new year’s resolutions, and Adland seems to have got the message.

In case you missed any of the creatives that made an appearance this week, Unruly is here with a helpful round-up of the best and brightest ads of 2017 (so far!).

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Proud Americans And Gloomy Brits – 5 Emotional Insights From 2016


Political disruption, sporting glory and record-breaking weather – 2016 certainly had its fair share of ups and downs. 

But while many news outlets have written off 2016 as the worst in living memory, just what was the mood among consumers?

Were people in the UK happier than they were in 2015? Just how did Americans feel about the US Election? Were people around the world really sadder than they were the previous year? Well, using our analytics engine, Unruly Pulse, we can find out.

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10 Tips To Help You Survive #CES2017


Have you booked your flight? Can you believe the cost of the hotels this year? It starts­­ on a THURSDAY?? Did I register for a Floor Pass?

Yes, it’s that time of year again when it all of a sudden the entire marketing industry suddenly realises that CES is only a few days away and they really need to get their stuff together. CES, begun as a chance for tech companies to show off their new cool products to consumers, has now become an essential event in the advertising and marketing calendar.

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