5 Major Reasons Why People Skip Video Ads Online – New Study

Whether it’s fast-forwarding through TV ads, leaving the room during the commercial breaks or hitting the skip button on YouTube, one thing is clear – advertisers are struggling to get and keep consumers’ attention.

But why do people skip video ads? What are the main factors? And what can advertisers do to stop it?

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Viral Review: Absolut Celebrates ‘Equal Love’

Pride in London has just passed and, as ever, the festivities turned the capital’s traffic-clogged tourist centre into a rolling street party powered by Lady Gaga tunes and glitter.

Walking around almost any major Pride event these days, it is difficult to avoid branding, whether in the form of rainbow-daubed Burger King crowns or themed Red Bull handouts.

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4 Tips To Guide Your Movie Trailer Distribution

The quality of a movie trailer can mean the difference between a successful opening weekend and a box-office flop.

In fact, there are plenty of examples of movies that were made by their trailers. And creating an engaging and intriguing piece of pre-release content is an art-form unto itself.

But what persuades fence-sitters to go see your film, or gets film buffs talking? How do you entice groups of friends – and how do you snare those coveted opening night viewers?

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5 Simple Programmatic Video Mistakes You Can Avoid

Anyone working in the programmatic space knows the industry is moving quickly, changing quickly and can confuse quickly!

Problems can arise and then be solved in the blink of an eye, and sometimes it can be difficult to know whether the issues one person is experiencing are industry-wide, or specific to a particular situation.

To help, we’ve laid out some of the biggest things annoying our partners right now and how you can tackle them, so you know you’re not alone!

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Viral Review: Apple Channels Sadness & Nostalgia In ‘The Archives’

This article was originally featured on Campaign

Few brands can claim to have had Apple’s overwhelming effect on the culture of video advertising.

Though Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking 1984 Super Bowl campaign is rightly cited as a turning point for the medium, with dancing silhouettes and rivalrous friends popping up along the way, the tech giant’s defining marketing moments now surely number in the hundreds.

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Microsoft Commutes & Mercedes-Benz Paints: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly scours the web for the latest and greatest bits of creative and then brings them together in this handy list so you can catch up before the weekend.

This week’s selection features plenty of tear-jerking moments – with ads from adidas, Mercedes-Benz and Budweiser all telling real-life stories.

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How Did Channel 4’s “We Are The Superhumans” Win Cannes Lions?

Superhuman by name, superhuman by performance – it seems there’s no stopping Channel 4’s Paralympic promo.

The ad became the most shared ad of Rio 2016 after attracting more than 1.3 million shares, and last week received the coveted Film Lions Grand Prix award at Cannes Lions. But what has made the ad performance Higher, Faster and Stronger than its rivals?

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