News You Can Use: Mobile Video Consumption Is Exploding Across South-East Asia

Each and every week Unruly hunts for the biggest headlines in advertising and marketing, bringing them all together in this handy list so you can stay up to date with what’s happening across the industry.

In this week’s round-up we find out why the number of people watching videos on their smartphones in South-East Asia is exploding, how Unilever is taking on the duopoly and also wonder whether Nike has already created the best ad of the year – in February.

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Viral Review: Turning The ‘Tide’ On Super Bowl Ads

tide super bowl ad

This article originally appeared in Campaign

It’s no secret that Super Bowl weekend is an embarrassment of riches for fans of top quality advertising. Even if you can’t tell a Tom Brady from a touchdown, it’s likely you’ll have seen at least one of the big game ads as they filtered across your social feeds in the last few days.

With brands putting the best agencies and tens of millions of dollars in ad spend into their 30 seconds of fame, the race for Super Bowl recognition is always hotly contested.

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News You Can Use: 78% of Digital Video Viewers Are Watching On Mobile

mobile video viewer statistics

Every week Unruly scours the web for the latest and greatest headlines, reports and research you need to stay ahead of the game.

This week we took a deep dive into the effectiveness of the Super Bowl 2018 ads using our emotional testing tool UnrulyEQ and revealed the real winners and losers of the big game!

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Toyota “Good Odds” Tops Unruly’s 2018 Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart

effective super bowl ads

Toyota “Good Odds” is the most effective ad from this year’s Super Bowl, according to new data released from Unruly.

The auto company’s Big Game ad tops the Super Bowl 2018 Edition of Unruly’s Ad Effectiveness Chart, which ranks ads based on their EQ scores – a combined metric that scores ads on their likely emotional, social and business impact.

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Home Show: Spotify, Harper Collins & Wireless On the Future Of Audio

The Home Show explores how connected tech and the internet of things are changing the way brands interact with consumers.

In the series, our futurist, Simon Gosling, chats with innovative businesses and individuals whose products and ideas are disrupting their industries.

This month we were lucky enough to sit down with Marco Bertozzi, VP Head of Sales at Spotify, Liam Fisher, Wireless Group National Radio Controller, and Rachel Mallender, Group Audio Director at Harper Collins.

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5 Trends That Defined Super Bowl Ads In 2018

super bowl 2018 ad trends

From the Eagles’ surprise victory to a stadium-wide blackout, Super Bowl LII was three hours of pure drama – and there were some pretty good ads thrown in too.

Despite the rising cost of a prime slot, plenty of brands continue to line up for a chance to reach the 100m+ people that tune in each year.

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News You Can Use: German Advertisers Embrace Programmatic

Each and every week Unruly hunts for the biggest headlines in advertising and marketing, bringing them all together in this handy list so you can stay up to date with what’s happening across the industry.

This week Unruly announced the appointment of its new CEO, Norm Johnston, who joins us from Mindshare.

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Viral Review: Diesel Embraces Its Flaws

Fashion adverts rarely celebrate imperfections, nor do they tend to feature jokes of any kind.

Bucking both of these is trends is the latest spot from Diesel, whose stylish, throw-everything-at-the-wall aesthetic advises daring viewers to “Go With The Flaw”.

The ad begins with a plucky young man who has the misfortune of being born with what can only be described as Dumbo ears. Thankfully, he’s conventionally handsome in every other way and elects to undergo an experimental ear-reduction surgery.

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5 Super Bowl 2018 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

super bowl 2018 ads

Every month Unruly scours the corners of the web for the funniest, saddest and weirdest ads around – then we put them into a handy list so you can catch up before the weekend.

This month’s batch includes the first wave of highly-anticipated Super Bowl ads – including spots from Groupon, Doritos and more. Elsewhere in the list, we’ve got Pringles kicking off Super Bowl ad season with SNL legend Bill Hader, closely followed by Febreze.

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Super Bowl Whitepaper: 3 Ingredients For A Successful Campaign

unruly super bowl whitepaper

With the Eagles and Patriots gearing up for the biggest football game of the year, another battle is brewing as the world’s biggest brands get ready to launch their spots.

But before we start thinking about the most effective and important Super Bowl ads of 2018, we thought we’d look back on last year’s successes, and dig a little deeper into what advertisers can learn from the big game’s highs and lows.

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