Open-Tops & Fashion Flops: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now


It’s been a busy week in Adland as the biggest brands gear up for sporting success at the Rio Olympics. In fact, with so much going on, you might have missed some of the great bits of creative coming out of the brightest minds in the industry.

That’s why, every week, Unruly gathers up five of the best campaigns for your viewing pleasure. 

This week’s selection features an imaginative piece from Mercedes-Benz, Jack Whitehall doing his very best to embarrass a wonderfully deadpan Bradley Wiggins and the return of Dove.

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How LEAN-ing On IAB Guidelines Can Make Your Site Stand Tall


This week the IAB released new research confirming that the application of its LEAN principles helps publishers monetize their content without turning off consumers and driving ad blocking.

As Unruly officially launches our UnrulyX Lab for publishers – an immersive deep dive into industry trends and challenges, including how to practically apply the LEAN guidelines – now feels like a good time to remember the importance of using these principles and understand what makes them successful.

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Going For Gold: 3 Key Trends In Rio Olympic Ads

Usain Bolt

The Rio Olympics are so close now we can almost smell the Deep Heat. So, while the world’s biggest brands and advertisers get ready to battle it out, we thought we’d identify some of the key creative ad trends we have already noticed ahead of next Friday’s Opening Ceremony.

Certainly, looking through this year’s crop of ads, it’s already clear that advertisers aiming for gold  in 2016 are dialling up the emotional intensity of their content. We’ve already seen plenty of stark imagery, pounding soundtracks, and emotive speeches – all things that get people talking about and sharing ads.

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Yahoo! Is Dead. With Verizon’s Help, Long Live Yahoo!.

Marissa Mayer

In the beginning there was Internet in a Box. Just $99 and you were on. But you had no clue where to go, what to look for, why you actually wanted to be there. Then along came Yahoo!.

Yes, there were many others, but Yahoo! provided simplicity, ease of use, and a guide to help the average person dip their toe in and start to understand what was on the internet. Yahoo! was your best guide to the internet. A simple defining role.

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FCC Ruling Will Enable Blazingly Fast Digital Experiences


It’s rarer to find an Alakazam and Scyther within a two block radius than to find multiple tech sectors applauding the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for any action they take.

But that’s just what happened this week when the FCC opened up a significant new spectrum for the next evolution of wireless data communication, 5G. Telcos and cable operators alike praised the move.

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Love Stories & Sporting Glories: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now


Every week we gather together five of the most interesting bits of video creative on the web, and present them in this handy list just for you.

We see the summer of sport continue this week with a selection of ads that will definitely make you want to get up and go!

Our hand-picked batch features the elusive singer-songwriter Frank ‘where-is-that-third-album’ Ocean in the latest Calvin Klein ads, as well as powerful and empowering spots from Nike and Channel 4 that celebrate the joy of sport.

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Unruly Wins Ad Ops Team Of The Year At AOP Digital Publishing Awards


Unruly’s UK Operations Team celebrated last night after winning Digital Ad Ops Team of The Year at the AOP Digital Publishing Awards. Unruly’s Ops rockstars also received the award back in 2014, and are currently the only team to have won it twice.

The team, led by Global EVP, Operations Glen Duncan, picked up the prestigious award at a ceremony held at the Camden Roundhouse on Thursday evening.

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Learn The Programmatic Lingo: Viewability Or View-Inability


Making sense of programmatic language can be tough. Especially when we’re faced with jargon, multiple words meaning the same thing, or varying definitions for a single word.

Sick of nodding your head in meetings then running to check what the latest acronym stands for? It happens all too often. That’s why we’re launching a new series “Learn the Lingo” to help programmatic buyers navigate the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

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What Do Teenage Girls Think Of #Femvertising?


At Cannes Lions this year, Unilever CMO Keith Weed declared ‘the time is right for us as an industry to challenge and change how we portray gender in our advertising’. His message was backed up by the announcement of the FMCG giant’s UnStereotype initiative, and comes in the wake of a steady rise in empowering portrayals of women in ads. 

Brands like Always and Dove have been leading the charge in recent years, shifting their marketing efforts towards realistic representations of women and highlighting causes that champion gender equality.

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