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  • Why PMPs are becoming the preferred programmatic trading model

    Private marketplaces (PMPs) are exclusive premium inventory packages that are made available directly to select buyers, programmatically. Advertisers are increasingly directing budgets into them with spend on PMPs set to outstrip open exchanges for the first time in 2021, according to a report by eMarketer.   This week Unruly’s VP Business Development EMEA Reza Amiri-Garroussi joined a roundtable discussion on the evolution of PMPs and how publishers can maximize their value at the AOP’s Publishing Tech Talk.   Here are the key things he identified that publishers need to know to be able to benefit from PMPs.   Control premium inventory  Private marketplaces provide overall greater control over the terms, packaging, and pricing of premium inventory. This process of customizing inventory to the advertiser allows publishers to set

  • Key Considerations for Publishers to Make the Most of CTV Ads

    Connected TV (CTV) is fast becoming the way most people watch TV. With TV consumption soaring during the pandemic, The Trade Desk reported in a recent survey that streaming consumption now accounts for 68% of TV viewing versus 28% for traditional TV viewing in the US. With this level of adoption, publishers need to be making the most of CTV advertising offerings. At the recent Digiday Publishing Summit in Miami, John Rogers, Vice President, Business Development at Unruly sat down with Reed Barker, Head of Advertising at Philo to discuss the CTV landscape and its future.  As a virtual Multiple Video Programming Distributor (MVPD), Philo offers both linear programming and video on demand (VOD) through their CTV offering, making Reed uniquely positioned to examine the industry.   Programmatic

  • Listen In: How Brands, Agencies, Publishers, and Tech Partners Can Use SPO/DPO to Meet the Ever-Increasing Pressure to Deliver Value

    To unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising, marketers are embracing supply-path optimization (SPO) and demand-path optimization (DPO) to identify partners that deliver true value. For brands, agencies, publishers, and tech companies this is an exciting opportunity to grow their most effective partnerships and optimize supply and demand paths for maximum results. In this session, you will hear industry experts’ thoughts and advice about how to make SPO and DPO work for you. This recording is taken from the Brand Safety Summit North America which took place on 18th May 2021. The panel was moderated by Anthony Viglietti, President and CFO, at The Skimm and the speakers were Kenneth Suh, Chief Strategy Officer at Unruly, Lisa Arnold, Senior Director, Programmatic Strategy, at Dentsu Programmatic, and Vinny Rinaldi, Head of Investment &

  • Top Tips for Success on Amazon’s Prime Day – and Beyond!

    Amazon’s Prime Day is one of the biggest retail spending days of the year and this year runs from 7am GMT on June 21 to midnight on June 22. According to Amazon and SimilarWeb, globally Prime Day 2020 was a record-breaking event with an increase in sales of nearly 60% compared to 2019. To help you get the most from Prime Day 2021, our VP of Insights and Solutions, Becky Waring, has put together her top tips, read on to discover more.   Experiment with different creatives It goes without saying that ad creatives need to clearly highlight discounts, but there are other tactics to consider and test for maximum effect. Include your Amazon product ratings and reviews in your copy to highlight the quality of your products

  • How Social Good Campaigns Help Elevate Marketing Success

    On Friday 14th of May, Unruly joined Unilever in supporting those in need by participating in the annual United For America campaign. In this blog post, Unruly’s VP Global Client Partner, Nigel Ashton discusses the importance of social good marketing and how brands can leverage the growing trend of social good marketing and elevate the success of campaigns.   What is Social Good Marketing? A social good campaign combines advertising a product and driving social action, a bigger idea, or simply a reaction to a relevant topic. Examples include, responding to a political or environmental situation, showing support for a cause and initiating movements that provide aid and support for a cause.   What can Social Good Marketing do for Brands? Aligning your brand’s marketing efforts with a

  • 98% of UK Brands Satisfied With Performance Of Their CTV Campaigns

    We’ve all seen the headlines stating that CTV (Connected TV) viewership is on the rise. However, most of us knew that even before the trade press began reporting on it, just from the amount of time we’ve spent in front of our TV sets over the past year. Many of us initially saw lockdown as an opportunity to read through all those books we’ve been putting off, to finally learn how to play an instrument, or to fix all those half-finished DIY projects around the house. However, for most of us, the reality was that rather than funnelling our spare time into new ventures, we sought comfort from things that had previously brought us joy. For many Brits, this was scrolling social media feeds, playing video games and

  • Getting short-changed? How to Align Value Through the Supply Chain

    Supply and demand path optimization (SPO/DPO) are not exactly the latest or the sexiest topics. They seem to have taken a back seat recently, being overshadowed by the death of the cookie, privacy concerns and the rise of CTV. Yet, the importance of these initiatives can’t be overlooked for both the buy and the sell sides of the industry. During a recent panel discussion at the Programmatic Summit in Sydney, I sat down with Jason Denny, GM Commercial Operations at NewsCorp, and Flaminia Sapori, Head of Partnerships at Matterkind, to dig into how they are embracing these initiatives and what they are looking for from partners to drive value for their businesses. Historically, demand or supply-side optimization have been about shedding light on the ‘black box’, focusing on

  • 5 Tips to Create A Winning Ad This Ramadan

    With more than 240 million Muslims living across South-East Asia, Ramadan is one of the biggest advertising events of the calendar year. But what is the best way for brands to engage consumers during this month-long festival? Well, to help advertisers ahead of this year’s celebration, leading ad platform Unruly has analysed some Ramadan campaigns from last year using its content testing tool UnrulyEQ to examine what worked – and what didn’t. The results were then compared to Unruly’s database of thousands of ads to examine viewers’ emotional responses and their impact on various brand and business metrics. Here are the five important takeaways:   1.Tap into emotional trends Ramadan creatives certainly pack an emotional punch – and are considerably more likely to make people feel emotional than

  • Unruly Named #1 Direct Supply Partner In New CTV Report

    Global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform Pixalate has named Unruly as the number 1 direct CTV supply partner among Roku’s key app categories in the ad industry’s first-ever CTV app-ads.txt report.  Importance of direct relationships  Connected TV (CTV) consumption has been growing at an exceptional rate, leading to CTV apps battling it out for consumers’ attention.   The battle, however, not only lies between the CTV apps themselves but between advertisers who are competing to get their products and services in front of the right consumers.  As a result, direct relationships with major CTV apps have never been more important.   Advertisers, CTV apps and consumers all benefit from direct integrations, and ultimately these relationships create a better online advertising experience and environment.  They are also an important building block in fostering greater trust and transparency within this fast-growing area of the ad tech ecosystem.  With direct relationships with some of the world’s fastest-growing CTV apps, including Xumo, Pluto TV, Newsy, and FuboTV, it’s something we’ve always prided ourselves on at Unruly.  So we’re delighted to be named the number 1 direct CTV supply partner among Roku’s key apps in Pixalate’s report.    What finishing number one means  Pixalate’s CTV App Ads.txt Report analyzes the state