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FloSports Publisher Spotlight

We talk a lot about inventory monetization in the industry, but at the end of the day, the consumer experience is what matters. If you aren’t engaging to an audience, then you won’t have any impressions to monetize.

What is FloSports’ unique approach to the content that you deliver to your viewers?
Our approach is always to bring our subscribers the best live sports events, highlights, news, rankings, and stats from underserved sports. What sets us apart from most of our competitors, is our unique ability to deliver high quality live events across 25+ sports verticals, rather than one sport.

FloSports has done a great job in driving viewer subscriptions and is now heavily leaning into programmatic. Can you speak a bit more about your strategy?
Subscribers continue to remain our primary focus, although advertising is growing at a rapid rate for us. We rebooted advertising in 2019 to help diversify our revenue, with programmatic as a key piece to make it all come together with scale. Live sports naturally will lend itself to advertising breaks with timeouts, halftimes, etc. It allows us to seamlessly insert quality pod breaks, so the user experience is kept intact. Overall, we run a hybrid model of subscription and ads on our platform. It’s been a great success with the help of our partners, like Unruly.

What is one key thing you believe advertisers need to consider when buying against sports content?
There is so much to consider when it comes to sports. I really believe it’s one of the few content verticals with the most highly engaged viewers across brand safe supply with scale.

What exciting stuff is coming down the pike for FloSports?
We’re seeing another year of incredible growth across several of our vertical sports categories including motorsports, hockey, rugby and more. We now have NASCAR events on our platform and recently boosted our motocross offering. We’re increasing our college sports programming with some exciting announcements and in the near future, we’re adding even more world-class rugby and hockey competitions to our line-up. We’ll continue to build a robust sports and events offering as our core business, look for acquisitions, and focus on making FloSports the essential destination for the sports we cover.