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Are you Leveraging the Power of Smart Contextual PMP’s?

As the 3rd party cookie continues on its road to extinction, marketers are looking at different ways to target consumers in a privacy-complaint way. Contextually matching the advertising creative to the content that a consumer is choosing to view in that moment has seen a renaissance because of this challenge. 

So, what is a Smart Contextual PMP? A Smart Contextual PMP allows marketers to target their video advertising to contextually relevant content, across multiple devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

What makes a Smart Contextual PMP smart, is how the inventory is curated. At Unruly, we have a proprietary technology called Brand Intelligence (BI) which offers real-time analysis of the content your consumers and prospects are reading and engaging with immediately before they take an action. We turn those insights in to targeting segments inside of a Smart Contextual PMP, which allows you to place your video advertising alongside this valuable content directly from your DSP. 

When you consider that Unruly reaches 97.2% of the UK population, across 800+ publishers, you can appreciate how this Smart Contextual PMP solution is offering brands the targeting they need at scale.