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Delivery Matters in Meeting Consumer Viewing Expectations

Most people aren’t terribly fond of advertisements while they’re watching a show, even those of us in the ad tech industry. But consumers (which we in the ad tech industry are too) understand that it’s a necessary part of accessing content, so we sit through them. However, when ads on CTV/OTT that aren’t relevant to us are played over and over–for me it’s osteoporosis drugs and Alaskan cruises–the quality of our viewing experienced is pretty diminished. As publishers compete for viewers and market share, ensuring a good customer experience becomes critical to user retention.  

In the ad tech industry often when we talk about an ad server, the conversation revolves primarily around monetization or lightly touches on solutions for stopping repeating ads or the dreaded “commercial break in progress” screen. But we forget what it truly means to deliver a bad ad experience to viewers and the repercussions of continuing to do so…they can switch to another content provider with the push of a button. Meaning, if there’s no audience, there is no monetization. At Unruly, we’re expanding our CTV/OTT product offerings with the Spearad platform and publishers aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits. 

Spearad was built for TV broadcasters and TV content owners to deliver advertising on CTV/OTT in the same vein as they do in linear. Our platform arms publishers with the tools to not only drive more revenue through a unified auction and tap into Unruly’s unique demand, but it also allows publishers to create a better ad experience for their viewers with controls and business rules for ad deduplication and competitive separation, and the ability to manage the durations of ad breaks. These tools allow publishers to create an ad break experience that mirrors that of traditional TV–meeting the consumers’ viewing expectations.   

These ad experience features and Unruly’s focus on bringing high quality demand to publishers along with our deal platform offerings of first ad slot and audience targeting – results in strong monetization for publishers and high-quality viewers for advertisers. The best of both worlds.