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Introducing Spearad

As you’ve likely heard, our parent company – Tremor International – acquired the advanced global video ad server and media management platform Spearad back in October 2021. What makes Spearad unique is that it was purpose-built specifically for TV broadcasters and TV content providers to deliver seamless, TV-like ad experiences across CTV/OTT and linear addressable environments – with the ease and advantages that only digital ad tech can provide. 

Now that our product team has completed the integration of Spearad into Unruly, it’s a great time to take a step back and revisit how Spearad plays a vital role in our end-to-end solution and adds unparalleled value for our connected television, broadcast, and advertising partners across the CTV/OTT space. 

Spearad is configured for linear and CTV/OTT publishers to better control how ads appear in their content, which in turn creates a much better experience for viewers 

  • Ad breaks can be set within the channels and content 
  • The content within the ad pods in the breaks can be defined 
  • Competitive separation and ad frequency can be controlled so that consumers don’t see the same ad over and over…and over 
  • Has a flexible set up to layer in first and third-party data, or unique data sets from the Tremor International DMP to serve more relevant ads 

Spearad is a smooth and seamless path to transacting direct and programmatic deals 

  • Direct-to-advertiser deals can be set within the platform 
  • Unified auction capabilities with leading SSPs (including Unruly) 
  • First slot targeting within an ad pod is available–just like the linear model–to get the most value for highly-desired inventory 
  • Transact with the DSP of choice or tap into unique demand from Tremor Video DSP and Unruly’s sales channels 

What’s more, all these capabilities will soon be available for our supply-side partners to easily transact within our self-serve platform CTRL. 

Spearad is another invaluable piece for Unruly to uncomplicate the world of CTV/OTT for our advertising and publisher partners, and we can’t wait to see how its integration elevates our partner’s performance.