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  • The Importance of Humanized Marketing in a Data-driven World

    If the past 12 months have done anything it’s reminded us just how human we are. Stripped of human to human interaction, the global pandemic has brought us more in touch with our own humanity, whether it’s through the desire to perform random acts of kindness, reaching out to people, or embracing technology to help us cope with the challenges that the ‘new normal’ brings. Yet, this new connected world is by no means equal. Dr. Bridgette Bewick, Associate Professor in Psychological Health and Wellbeing at the University of Leeds (UK) School of Medicine, recently stated “The digital world is pervasive but most of us have not been trained in how to manage the digital environment”. As human beings, we thrive on meaningful interactions, and during these prolonged

  • What Did We Learn From The Strangest Super Bowl Sunday In History?

    We laughed, we cried…a lot of beer and chips were consumed.  Super Bowl LV may be done and dusted, but apart from Tom Brady winning his seventh ring after inspiring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, what else did we learn from the strangest Super Bowl Sunday in history?  Traditionally the Super Bowl is the biggest advertising event in the US and global calendar.   But Super Bowl LV generated as many headlines for those who chose not to be at the Big Game as those who decided to be there, with the likes of Coca-Cola, Ford and Budweiser all taking a back seat this year.  So, what did they miss? Well, Unruly tested the big ads from Super Bowl LV using our content testing tool, UnrulyEQ.   Here are our key takeaways:  Brand performance was higher than any other Super Bowl in recent memory While some of the traditional big names chose to skip this year’s Super Bowl, there was a welcome surprise for those first-time advertisers who decided to step into the big, empty football boots.  That’s because the 2021 crop of Super Bowl ads generally fared much better than any in the last five years (at least since Unruly has been testing the

  • 8 Ox-picious Lunar New Year Ads of 2021!

    It’s the Year of the Ox and emotions are running high. Which New Year’s ads generated the most smiles, laughs, and tears? In the run-up to the Lunar New Year, we used our emotional content testing tool, UnrulyEQ, to discover how festive ads were being received by audiences across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.  The results were then compared to our database of thousands of ads to examine viewers’ emotional responses and the impact they had on various brand and business metrics.  Head over to our Lunar New Year Ad Hub to check out the results for all the ads we tested.  As the number 8 is recognised as an auspicious number in modern Chinese culture, we’ve put together a quick read of our Top 8 Lunar New Year Ads of 2021!  We’ve ranked them by their EQ Score — a composite score based on the intensity of emotions viewers felt while watching, plus a campaign’s ability to drive brand metrics such as brand favorability and purchase

  • What Are Ad Pods? And How Do They Help Publishers and Advertisers?

    As connected TV (CTV) advertising continues to grow, so do the terms associated with it. Ad podding is one such term that has begun to attract a lot of attention recently. But what exactly does it mean? We teamed up with CTV platform Publica to bring you this overview of ad podding, including what it is, why it’s become so popular and how both publishers and advertisers are using it to their advantage. What are ad pods? Ad pod is a term used in connection with CTV advertising to specify multiple ads sequenced together and played back-to-back within a single ad break, like traditional linear TV. They allow publishers to return multiple ads from a single ad request, and then those ads are played in sequence. Say you’re

  • Is Laughter The Best Medicine For COVID-Hit Super Bowl LV?

    With 80% of the stands empty, some of the world’s biggest brands including Budweiser, Hyundai and Coca-Cola not taking part in the commercial breaks, and parties not able to go ahead, this year’s Super Bowl is going to feel vastly different to anything that has come before. One thing that may be familiar, though, is the tone that advertisers will take. In times of economic uncertainty and political/ social turbulence, we often look to brands to cheer us up. Our research on changing consumer habits during COVID-19 found that 37% of Americans want ads to make them feel warm and happy. This is particularly true when it comes to the Super Bowl, with funny, celeb-heavy ads as much a part of the Big Game as touchdowns and Hail

  • Why Super Bowl LV Will Be A Completely Different Ball Game For Advertisers

    The 55th Super Bowl kicks off next month (February 7) at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.   This year’s game will be very different from any previous Super Bowl, with the match set to play out to a much smaller crowd because of restrictions forced by the pandemic.  TV viewers will also be affected. The Super Bowl is usually a great excuse for everyone to congregate in people’s homes to watch the Big Game over a crate of beer and large bowls of chips.  But with Coronavirus restrictions making large scale Super Bowl parties almost impossible, it means that many viewers will be forced to watch in smaller gatherings – or even by themselves.   However, despite Super Bowl LV promising to be a very different, one thing will remain the same for viewers watching at home — the commercial breaks!  Despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in, ad slots costing $5.5M

  • Need Some Joy Back in January? Here Are 2020’s Happiest Super Bowl Ads!

    This week marks an exciting landmark! In a month’s time (February 7), Super Bowl LV will kick off at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida!  It’s been a rocky start to the year so far, with many of us continuing to experience the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2021, especially from a sports perspective as delayed tournaments, including the Olympic Games, are set to make a return to our screens.  First up is the Super Bowl, which will be very different to previous years, with the match playing out to an empty stadium, however, one thing will remain the same for all of us watching at home — the commercial breaks!  While we wait for this year’s Super Bowl ads to begin arriving, and to inject a bit of joy into your January, we’ve delved into our emotional database to uncover which ads made viewers the happiest during last year’s Big Game. Enjoy!  Google: Loretta Happiness score: 22%   

  • Adland Experts Share Their 2021 Predictions

    Adland saw unprecedented change last year due to the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such turbulence within the industry has shown no sign of easing in 2021, with many markets starting the new year under imposed restrictions, and with several vaccinations starting to roll out across the globe, the end of the year could look very different from the start. Predicting what our industry will look like this year is a difficult task, so we called upon our client council, made up of experts from across Adland, to help. Click here to read them all. Hear members from AB InBev, Havas, MAGNA, News Corp, OMG, Tremor Video, Unilever, as well as renowned author and speaker Rishad Tobaccowala, share their predictions for the next 12 months and beyond.

  • Timehop Boosts PMP Revenue by 157% with UnrulyX CTRL

    Timehop — the nostalgia, feelgood app that helps users celebrate the best moments of the past with friends — achieved incredible results after switching a high-profile PMP from another SSP to the UnrulyX CTRL publisher platform. The app has a direct ad sales team and transacts their video and banner ad inventory 100% programmatically through a mix of Open Marketplace (OMP) and Private Marketplace (PMP) deals. Timehop switched to UnrulyX based on our best-in-class operational support, competitive fee structure, and overall deal performance. The UnrulyX account team led Timehop through a seamless onboarding and setup process, helping to expedite speed to market for deal activation. Timehop’s PMP in partnership with a top U.S. big-box retailer began to see some tremendous results, including: 157% increase in revenue; 119% increase