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Unruly at The Drum Digital Summit 2021

The CTV era is upon us and there has been a massive paradigm shift in the way content is consumed. Brands are quickly learning that their approach to digital advertising needs to evolve to match the high-quality, personalised content flowing through millions of homes each day. 

It is no secret that creative is a key element for the success of advertising campaigns, and with the rise of CTV, this is more important than ever. How can marketers make use of new content capabilities and creative formats that CTV can offer? How and why should brands place creative at the centre of advertising direction and focus on amplifying viewer-brand connection?

The CTV opportunity: Stop talking reach and start talking creative” is scheduled to air on Friday 15 October 2021 as part of The Drum Digital Summit 2021, and will give viewers an in-depth view of how companies can harness the creative opportunities of CTV and reinvent advertising as consumers know it. 

Moderated by Charlotte McEleny, Asia Editor at The Drum, the panel will comprise David Haddad, ANZ Managing Director at Unruly, Nicole Bence, Network Digital Sales Director at Seven Network, Florent Davach de Thèze, Business Director at Mindshare, Tania David, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Finecast Australia, and Sophie Hicks Lloyd, Director of Digital Sales at Network 10.

As one of the leading video advertising platforms in the world, Unruly’s pioneering technology, audience insights and content creation solutions put brands at the forefront of realising the true potential of CTV.

Unruly’s David Haddad will provide insights on the unique opportunities arising from the exponential growth of CTV, recommendations on how advertisers can best optimise creative content to suit today’s viewership habits, and explore several ways in which technology can further evolve programmatic advertising as we know it. 

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