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Why PMPs are becoming the preferred programmatic trading model

Private marketplaces (PMPs) are exclusive premium inventory packages that are made available directly to select buyers, programmatically. Advertisers are increasingly directing budgets into them with spend on PMPs set to outstrip open exchanges for the first time in 2021, according to a report by eMarketer.


This week Unruly’s VP Business Development EMEA Reza Amiri-Garroussi joined a roundtable discussion on the evolution of PMPs and how publishers can maximize their value at the AOP’s Publishing Tech Talk.


Here are the key things he identified that publishers need to know to be able to benefit from PMPs.


Control premium inventory 

Private marketplaces provide overall greater control over the terms, packaging, and pricing of premium inventory. This process of customizing inventory to the advertiser allows publishers to set prices that elicit higher returns, compared to the same inventory on open exchange, for example. Furthermore, request or impression caps and throttled delivery pacing contribute to better delivery management and thus, better user experiences. Finally, increased oversight on who is bidding within PMPs also ensures advertising aligns with content, protecting publisher brand reputation.


Transparency and increased trust

PMPs enable publishers to boost buyer interest through multiple means. Data directly from the source not only leads to better informed, strategic decisions, it also contributes to a more transparent environment. Buyers can see exactly who they are dealing with and publishers can see exactly where and on which sites their adverts appear. Meanwhile, publishers can actually funnel their most highly viewable placements to buyers and some are even starting to share bid prices from the OEM with advertisers who use PMP’s to enhance the benefit.


Increase lift with first-party data

PMP deals allow publishers to create a wealth of valuable insights to advertisers by providing direct access to their first-party data. This includes, for instance, purchase intent, hobbies, interests, and behaviors, all of which will help tailor and target advertisements to the appropriate audiences. As third-party cookie data is eroding, deals where advertisers are more confident about who they are targeting will only become more valuable over time.


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