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Top Tips for Success on Amazon’s Prime Day – and Beyond!

Amazon’s Prime Day is one of the biggest retail spending days of the year and this year runs from 7am GMT on June 21 to midnight on June 22.

According to Amazon and SimilarWeb, globally Prime Day 2020 was a record-breaking event with an increase in sales of nearly 60% compared to 2019.

To help you get the most from Prime Day 2021, our VP of Insights and Solutions, Becky Waring, has put together her top tips, read on to discover more.


Experiment with different creatives

It goes without saying that ad creatives need to clearly highlight discounts, but there are other tactics to consider and test for maximum effect.

  1. Include your Amazon product ratings and reviews in your copy to highlight the quality of your products to shorten the consideration phase
  2. Use emotional messaging that reflects consumers’ excitement and inspiration around the day – consumers are more likely to engage with ads that match their mood
  3. Tailor your messaging to different audiences for a more personal touch to stand out from the crowd and grab consumers’ attention


Work the top of the funnel before the day

Prime day receives a lot of media attention before the event kicks off particularly among premium publishers. Use this to your advantage and build awareness in highly contextually relevant, brand safe environments.

This broad targeting will also enable you to gather insights into what your best audiences look like enabling you to build more targeted segments on the day itself and make your budget work as hard as possible.


Bonus tip! Private Marketplaces perform particularly well for this strategy.


Don’t worry if you sell out

Products sell out quickly on Prime day and many brands make the mistake of switching off ads as products sell out – don’t fall into this trap!

If something’s sold out, update your creative to inform consumers they can join a waiting list (Amazon offers this feature if you don’t already have waiting list functionality).

By doing this you’re still able to capture people who are genuinely interested in purchasing your product – so much so they’re willing to take the time and share their details with you.


Those a just a few of our tips for success this Prime day but as with any digital marketing activity there are lots of other strategies to help improve performance – download our playbook Navigating the UNknown here to find out more!


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