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  • Top 5 Social Video Trends Of 2012

    It has been a momentous year for social video advertising. The last 12 months have seen the hottest trend in digital advertising reach heights usually reserved for Austrian space-jumpers. The type of videos people share is a powerful indicator of global sentiment, and in 2012 emotions certainly ran high, as viewers swept aside their cynicism to be moved to tears by P&G, inspired by human endeavour and outraged by atrocities in Africa. But how has social video advertising changed in 2012? Well, using data collected by the Unruly Viral Video Chart, here are some of the significant trends:

  • What Brands Can Learn From The Success Of Kony

    As 2012 nears its end, Unruly has looked back over the year’s most shared social video ads, with one clip standing out as a clear winner. Moving, memorable and controversial, Kony 2012 was the online phenomenon of 2012. At an epic 30 minutes in length and telling a horrific tale of child soldiers and intense suffering, Kony 2012 seems like an unlikely champion. However, despite its traumatic content, Kony 2012 is a master class for advertisers, showing just how to combine compelling content with a cross-platform distribution plan to reach and engage a global audience.

  • McCann Melbourne Makes A Killing At The Top Of The Global Ads Chart For November

    John Lewis, Melbourne Metro And Red Bull Among Most Shared Ads. November was a dangerous month on the Unruly Global Ads Chart. Snowmen risked life and limb on dangerous quests, extreme sportsmen threw themselves in harm’s way and a gang of cartoon critters were horrifically mangled as a warning to others. The latest Unruly/Ehrenberg-Bass research suggests online audiences are most likely to share videos which put a smile on their face and a spring in their step. So, it might seem a little odd that the most popular ad of last month focuses on cute creatures suffering painful deaths. But, despite its premise, safety message-cum-music-video Dumb Ways To Die is a funny, warm and cute video (think Tom & Jerry) that gets its point across clearly, thanks largely to a

  • Lab Life: Web Psychologist Discusses Mayhem, Targeting Audiences And Selling With Integrity

    In the latest Lab Life, Andy Scofield compares notes with author, consultant and web psychologist Nathalie Nahai about what drives consumers to share branded videos. Nahai first came into Unruly’s London HQ to launch her book Webs of Influence: The Psychology Of Online Persuasion. When she heard about the Unruly Social Video Lab, she had to come back and visit it to see it for herself. When advertisers come to the lab they learn how to utilise social video to reach their target audience and how to produce content that will be spread, engaged with and remembered. Nahai has helped brands to optimise their marketing strategies by focusing on the key psychological responses their content elicits from their viewers. Her book offers some sound advice to advertisers. In her

  • Does Video Length Matter In Online Video Advertising?

    So you want to create an ad that will be shared across the web, but you are not sure how long to make it. Should it be less than one minute? If it is longer than two minutes are web users less likely to share it with their social networks? Is there an optimum length? Does it even matter how long it is? Well, in the world of social video advertising, size does matter – but maybe not in the way you think. You would imagine that the average web user would rather have a red-hot poker rammed in their left eye than sit through a four-minute-minute ad. After all, these are the days when consumers pick and choose what they watch with a nonchalant flick of their

  • Unruly In Top 10 On The Sunday Times’s Hiscox Tech Track 100

    Social video company joins digital media technology providers in driving UK business success. LONDON — 17 September, 2012 —Unruly, the global market leader and industry thought leader for social video marketing, has been named one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK, listed as 10th on The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100. The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 ranks Britain’s top 100 privately-held technology companies with the fastest-growing sales over the last three years. In previous years, Sophos, LOVEFiLM and have appeared on the list.