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Roads for Monetization are Clearer with CTRL Deal Forecasting

The competition across the ad-supported digital video and CTV landscape is challenging publishers to break out of their lanes in search of a clearer path for ad dollars. When it comes to Private Marketplace (PMP) and Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) deals – being prepared is half the battle in remaining competitive. Having the right partner and tools for inventory packaging can put publishers in the fast lane to streamlining deal pre-sale workflow to meet buyer needs more efficiently while maximizing revenue opportunities. 

To meet these demands head-on, Unruly is releasing our newest self-service feature giving publishers more streamlined access to understanding deal feasibility – CTRL Deal Forecasting. 
What is CTRL Deal Forecasting? 
Our latest product feature enables CTRL publishers to evaluate pre-sale deal feasibility on a self-service basis to see if they have sufficient scale to meet the deal objectives. The forecast provides a snapshot of request avails volume for a selected DSP based on targeting parameters set up in CTRL. To help ensure the most accurate and reliable results, the forecast is run against actual previous day data. Helping publishers to understand how much of their supply is making it to a DSP, what the current competition is for that supply, and details about why request are being filtered, will enable easy comparison, and help commercial and operational teams make more informed decisions about their business.  
How does it work? 
When a CTRL user creates or edits any Inventory Package they now have the option to run a “forecast” for potential available requests against their targeting set up in CTRL for a selected DSP. Results are available within seconds which can be viewed immediately in the UI and are automatically saved in list view for future forecast comparisons. Diving in, publishers will have access to a snapshot breakout of the number of Available Requests that match the targeting, and the number of Unavailable Requests that are filtered because they do not match the targeting, including the filter reason(s). Users will also see the existing fill of those available requests broken out into three metrics; Impressions, Fill Rate, and CPM, from the previous day. This gives a user an outline of the competition for this supply so they can factor this into evaluating the merits of a potential deal and act accordingly. 
How does it benefit publishers? 
The combination of automation and accurate forecast data on a consistent basis, even when applying multiple targeting dimensions in CTRL (e.g., content-level contextual targeting, audience targeting, device type, impression type, geo, etc.), will give publishers a leg up on the competition when evaluating deal feasibility. Generating a thorough request volume avails forecast within seconds can be a massive timesaver when attempting to compare and adjust deal configurations to match scale against deal objectives. Forecasting prepares users to package inventory more effectively by maximizing their revenue opportunities for potential deals with increased accuracy. Key benefits include the following: 

  • Maximize revenue opportunities – Find the optimal deal configurations to get the most value for your inventory. 
  • Increase efficiencies Improve response time for RFIs/proposals with real-time reliable forecast results during pre-sale feasibility process. 
  • Gain actionable insights See how scale is impacted by targeting selections for adjustments and troubleshooting. 

Why should advertisers care? 
Enabling publishers to apply this deal forecast directly on supply benefits advertisers as well. Publishers can potentially confirm deal feasibility with buyers in a more timely fashion and with increased accuracy, reducing wasted impressions and maximizing the advertiser’s budget. Streamlining the pre-sale feasibility workflow to the benefit of publishers and advertisers is a win-win situation. 

Everything seems a lot clearer. 
With the CTRL Deal Forecasting tool, roads to monetization are looking much clearer for publishers wanting to take more control over packaging, pricing, and selling their inventory more effectively. If you’d like to discover how to settle into the driver’s seat, reach out below: