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Self-Service Audience Targeting Helped Glewed TV Earn 15- 25% Higher eCPM

As a leading ad-supported, video-on-demand (AVOD) platform, Glewed TV is known for both delivering exceptional original and professionally produced content across sports, entertainment, and lifestyle programming to viewers, and as a premium supply partner for brands to reach key audiences on OTT.

Since the launch of Unruly’s self-service platform CTRL in 2021, Glewed TV has used our solution not only to price, package, and sell their premium supply to brands both directly and via Unruly’s supporting PMP/PG sales channels, but also to tap into its various features to enhance their inventory.

In this campaign, Glewed TV used CTRL’s newly launched audience targeting capability to help meet the targeting and engagement needs of a top home improvement advertiser. As a result, Glewed TV earned a higher eCPM on their inventory and drove better performance for their advertiser.

Key Results

Increased eCPM with Unruly
vs other SSPs
Glewed TV's (already high)
VCR benchmark
New audiences who weren't
exposed to linear ad

How Technology, Data, & Support Were the Keys to Success


Hands-On Tech for Audience Targeting  

Leveraging segments that were on-boarded into our owned DMP and then activated through CTRL, Glewed TV easily layered on the key audiences that the brand needed to target their desired consumers and scale their campaign to reach viewers unexposed to their linear campaign.

The audiences included:

– DIY Home Improvement
– Pro-sumer/Professional Trade

A True Partnership

CTRL may be a self-service platform, but our customer support is truly full-service. Like all campaigns, the Unruly team was on-hand to provide strategic support customized to the needs of Glewed TV. Specifically, Unruly worked closely with their team to provide guidance and resources for:

1. Data Strategy
Identified the most precise and scaleable segments to achieve advertiser’s KPIs

2. Strategic Selling
Highlighted best practices for selling CTV inventory paired with audience data

Customized Tech Support

From deal set up and optimization to reporting and insights, Unruly’s team was there to ensure Glewed TV received support tailored to their needs.

Brands are always looking for a way to be more efficient and precise in reaching consumers on OTT, and we want to ensure that we’re helping them achieve that goal. Luckily for us, Unruly’s CTRL audience targeting allows us to easily add in segments to meet advertiser demand and in turn, maximize the value of our inventory. We were excited to have exceeded our own VCR benchmarks for the advertiser in this campaign and hear firsthand from them that we delivered unique ad exposures to users who were not reachable in other TV environments.
Eric Fitzpatrick, VP Strategy, Glewed TV

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