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Help for Heroes

To celebrate their 50th Birthday, The Sun asked their readers to nominate good causes to receive one million pounds worth of donations. To inspire nominations, they launched a campaign highlighting stories about their readers called: “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

The Sun asked Unruly to create a 30 second video ad from their long-form content which would have the biggest impact on their target audience and ultimately drive consumers to find out more about the programme.

As a result of the campaign, The Sun were thrilled to have received over 3,000 nominations 34% Brand favourability vs. UK market norm of 29%

Goal Setting

The Sun’s video team created long-form branded content, designed to be hosted on their owned and operated sites, and social media profiles. The goal of the video was to evoke emotions of inspiration, warmth and pride.


The campaign ran across Unruly’s in article and vertical video ad formats, distributed at scale across Unruly’s premium, brand safe publisher network. The top performing sites were: Entertainment Daily, What Culture, Netmums, Londonist, and UniLad.


The Tr.ly-optimized 30 second creative delivered significantly more emotional intensity per second than the original 3 minute video. In the end, Unruly found that the edit was the most inspirational video we have ever tested in the 30 second length bracket.

Key Results

Intense emotional response vs. UK market norm of 20%
Feelings of inspiration vs. UK market norm of 5%
Feelings of pride vs.UK market norm of 3%
Feelings of warmth vs.UK market norm of 6%
Brand favourability vs. UK market norm of 29%

How EQ helped


Using our emotional analytics and content testing tool, UnrulyEQ, we identified the most engaging parts of the(3 min)video by analysing scene-by-scene facial coding traces and combining this with the survey results and verbatim comments made by the target audience.


In order to identify the most impactful scenes from the long form video The Sun used UnrulyEQ solutions.


Our in-house creative studio –Tr.ly-then used these insights to produce a 30 second video ad that packed an emotional punch and delivered against campaign performance goals. All while maintaining the original narrative with efficient and impactful storytelling.

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