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Unruly’s Self-Service Tech Helps Drive PMP Sales Success for Philo

Philo is quickly gaining ad-supported streaming market share with their premium live, VOD, and DVR viewing platform. With entertainment and lifestyle-focused content across  60+ channels from programmers including Discovery, AMC, Viacom, A+E, and Hallmark, Philo provides a reinvented TV experience for the modern age. 

As a programmatic-first publisher with no direct sales team, Philo works closely with programmatic partners including Unruly SSP to maximize the value of their inventory and deliver premium programmatic advertising opportunities to brands. With our unique global video-first end-to-end ad platform made up of the Tremor Video DSP, the Tremor International DMP, and the Unruly marketplace, Unruly is well positioned to meet Philo’s need for both direct PMP sales and incremental revenue opportunities that would drive their overall business growth. 


Key Results

win/use rate on
average compared to other
Philo partners 
increase in Unruly-generated revenue since the adoption of the CTRL platform to set up PMPs

Leveraging Unruly & Our Self-Service Platform to Power PMPs

The path to outstanding win rates and increased revenue


Unruly CTRL Self-Service Platform
Our CTRL Platform enabled Philo to package, price, and sell their inventory through PMP deals that met advertiser demands–including content-level targeting and audience data from the Tremor International DMP.
Philo was also able to tap into the incremental demand that Unruly drives from the Tremor Video DSP and its solutions–such as its proprietary TV marketplace.

Price Efficiencies
As an end-to-end solution we provided a flexible pricing structure that reduced platform fees (take rates) to get more of the buyer spend going to Philo’s media.

Unparalleled Customer Support
At every step in the process–from deal ID creation to campaign launch and optimization–our expert publisher team was readily available to help guide Philo to success.

With Unruly we see some of the strongest performance metrics of any of our partners. In addition to their above-average win rates and use rates, their intuitive UI makes it simple to set up and track advertiser campaigns. The Unruly team is proactive, innovative and always a pleasure to collaborate with. Our close work with Unruly has allowed us to build a mutually beneficial partnership that provides a best-in-class, efficient programmatic solution for advertisers buying in the CTV space.
Aulden Kaye – Director, Advertising Partnerships, Philo

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