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Timehop Boosts PMP Revenue by 157% with UnrulyX CTRL

Timehop — the nostalgia, feelgood app that helps users celebrate the best moments of the past with friends — achieved incredible results after switching a high-profile PMP from another SSP to the UnrulyX CTRL publisher platform.

The app has a direct ad sales team and transacts their video and banner ad inventory 100% programmatically through a mix of Open Marketplace (OMP) and Private Marketplace (PMP) deals.

Timehop switched to UnrulyX based on our best-in-class operational support, competitive fee structure, and overall deal performance.

The UnrulyX account team led Timehop through a seamless onboarding and setup process, helping to expedite speed to market for deal activation. Timehop’s PMP in partnership with a top U.S. big-box retailer began to see some tremendous results, including:

  • 157% increase in revenue;
  • 119% increase in UnrulyX’s demand performance when the PMP was added in;
  • 93.5% increase in the PMP performance when it moved over to UnrulyX;
  • 3x eCPM.

Timehop’s VP Programmatic Product Development David Leviev said: “The results with Unruly have been outstanding and PMP performance continues to shine week in, week out. The Unruly team has been hands-on when I’ve needed support, and their UnrulyX CTRL self-service UI makes it so easy for us to track all our deals and make adjustments in real-time as our targets shift.”

“The success that Timehop has seen has been amazing,” said Unruly’s Chief Strategy Officer, Kenneth Suh. “We built our platform to give control back to publishers, providing them with transparency and a clear overview of the entire deals ecosystem. We appreciate Timehop putting their trust in our team and monetization tools and look forward to continued success.”

Timehop’s user experience includes a mix of curated content from social media platforms, historical snippets and retro videos of historical events that can be easily shared. The app has seen continued user growth since its launch in 2011.

It boasts a truly diverse and dedicated fanbase of millions of daily active users, which attracts some of the biggest advertisers from across the globe.

The UnrulyX CTRL self-service platform provides the tools publishers need to package, price, and transact their premium programmatic inventory, and the reporting and insights dashboard helps publishers maximize yield.

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