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Miley In Layers

In June 2021, Magnum launched its ‘Miley In Layers’ campaign across the globe.

As part of the launch, Magnum produced a series of videos in collaboration with Miley Cyrus. The partnership brought Miley’s fans closer to her than ever before with her first-ever 8D virtual live show and an exclusive experience for Magnum ice cream, the world’s authority on pleasure.

Unruly utilised its premium publisher network of video and connected TV inventory in each market to deliver the campaign over three campaign bursts to the core Magnum audiences – Adults 18-35 years old and music lovers (electronic, country and rap).

Goal Setting

The two primary objectives of the campaign were:

1. To raise awareness of the Magnum brand and drive engagement with the Miley 8D show.

2. To deliver at scale the campaign’s message of ‘staying true to your pleasure and not being afraid of any judgements’ to Miley fans’.


The first burst teased the Magnum x Miley performance and sent people to a page where they could set a reminder for the event.

The second burst invited fans to watch the Miley 8D virtual performance over a 72- hour period. The third burst invited fans to watch the Miley 8D performance in full whilst introducing them to her rich multi-layered approach to life.

Key Results

video views across the entire campaign across all four markets
view Through Rate with both target audiences (18-35 year olds and music lovers)
Net media added value across premium online video and CTV
Working with Unruly has been great.
We are delighted to have piloted connected TV together in our key European markets for Magnum purpose campaign. Our Unruly partnership has allowed us to see new opportunities, tap into new audiences and design new experiences.
We are happy with the results and looking forward to working together on new projects.

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