10 dmexco 2017 Sessions You Can’t Afford To Miss

dmexco 2017 sessions

dmexco 2017 is less than two weeks away. But with more than 570 international speakers and over 250 hours of events across 15 stages, how do you know what’s worth seeing?

The line-up for this year’s conference in Cologne, Germany, is certainly impressive, with numerous CEOs and CMOs of leading international companies such as Nestlé, P&G, Unilever, Microsoft and more discussing the latest marketing and advertising trends.

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McDonald’s Falls In Love & Edeka Starts A Fire: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

At Unruly we’re passionate about great video – that’s why every week we hunt for the latest and greatest bits of creative from around the world and present the best ones here for your viewing pleasure.

This week’s batch includes brand new ads from Finnish Vodka brand Finlandia and Edeka, as well as a surprisingly hypnotic ad from Citroen.

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Viral Review: Three Gets Weird With ‘Streaming Consciousness’ Ad

This article originally appeared in Campaign

In advertising, ‘weird’ is a difficult thing to get right. Go too far and you’ll alienate people; be too cautious and you won’t stand out. Over the years, brands like Old Spice and Skittles have mined rich seams of surreality and outright oddity to massive sharing success and critical kudos.

Now British telecom giant Three is moving into stranger territory too.

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Bringing Home To SXSW: Vote For Our Panel Picker!

What does Home mean to you? We surveyed 2,000 consumers in the US and the UK to have a better understanding of how they think and feel about the home.

In the UK, Home is a sanctuary and a playground. In the US, people believe the connected home will make their lives safer, healthier, and happier. We also found that Americans would rather lose their TV than their voice assistant for one month!

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