5 Things You Need To Know About Travel Advertising In APAC

The travel industry in APAC is producing content that is both highly viewed and highly shared.

In the past 12 months, content produced by travel and tourism brands across APAC has accumulated almost 1bn views – an increase of 86% from the previous year – while the number of online shares has also increased by 83%.

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The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Launching Your Next Mobile Programmatic Video Campaign

Mobile programmatic video is changing fast. But don’t just take our word for it. According to eMarketer, the vast majority of mobile display and video campaigns will be automated by 2018.

That means getting this right is more important than ever before. From setting pre-launch KPIs to choosing effective ad formats, we’ve pulled together a list of questions to ask before launching any mobile video campaign.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Tops Unruly’s Movie Trailer Effectiveness Chart

Creating a movie trailer that will drive box office ticket sales is far from easy.

After all, you want to whet the appetite of viewers enough to get them ready to part with their hard-earned cash. But you don’t want to give too much away. How many times do you watch a trailer in the cinema and feel like you have already watched the whole film? It’s a difficult balancing act.

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Unruly Home – Explore The Home Of 2020 With This Virtual Reality Tour

unruly home

Home, an audacious house built smack in the centre of Unruly HQ, was designed to give marketers a glimpse at what life in 2020 might be like for consumers.

The space showcases actual and conceptual IoT and connected home tech from News Corp, tech brands and the hottest start-ups on the planet to show how marketers can use the connected home to engage consumers.

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Cannes Lions 2017 – 5 Innovation & Tech Sessions You Should Attend

It’s less than 3 weeks to go until Cannes Lions 2017 kicks off, and we could not be more excited here at Unruly.  

Cannes presents more opportunities for networking and learning than the rest of the industry year combined – and the Lions Innovation events are even more enticing for tech enthusiasts, with sessions on everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to robotics.

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Viral Review: Marks & Spencer Spend It Well

Marks & Spencer: Spend It Well – 8/10

For better or worse, brand associations can be hard to shake. And even with the brightest creatives and heftiest budgets at your disposal, ‘re-branding’ is a tricky proposition.

Take Old Spice, who took the marvellous and surprising journey from a fusty old bathroom cabinet filler to one of the most daring and unusual marketers out there. That transition has been ongoing for the last decade, and has taken consistently ingenious campaigns to keep their new brand identity alive in consumers’’ minds.

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