3 Tips For Targeting Sports Fans Around The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl may be over, but there’s still plenty to learn from 2017’s Big Game if advertisers want to score a touchdown next year.

This year’s batch of Super Bowl ads caused quite a stir, thanks to some openly political campaigns, and some very impressive stunts. In fact, Hyundai’s spot was such a success that it topped our Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart – attaining an EQ score of 6.1 and causing a strong emotional response in 62% of viewers.

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Case Study: How Private Marketplaces Based On Emotions Lead to Movie Success

private marketplaces

While people eagerly await the 89th Academy Awards, Unruly takes a look at how studios can use private marketplaces to make their movies a smash-hit

Despite the Oscars celebrating the best of the best on the silver screen, our data has shown that movie trailers don’t always connect with viewers or drive big box office success.

So what can studios do to attract more buzz around their movie trailers? We’ve been working with a major movie studio to bring emotional intelligence to their video campaigns through our Emotional PMPs, which were launched in September.

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10 Heartstring-Tugging Ads For Valentine’s Day

No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to escape Valentine’s Day. Love is most definitely in the air – and it seems nowhere is safe from Cupid’s arrow. 

It’s on the TV, in the shops, on the side of buses, all over newspapers and magazines – and now it’s on your favourite video advertising blog.

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Viral Review: Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Made The Right Way

This article originally appeared in Campaign

Super Bowl Sunday may be one of the biggest days in the American sporting calendar, but it’s also a kind of brand-sponsored short film festival.

Even those who are not interested in American football, the barrage of top-line advertising it produces ensures you’ll inevitably be taking part in the fun – even if it’s just through a Monday morning round-up.

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