5 Programmatic Advertising Stats You Can’t Ignore

Programmatic ad spend has been growing at record speed for the last few years, with a new report from eMarketer predicting that programmatic display spend will reach nearly $33bn this year.

We were curious how this programmatic revolution was affecting the world of video, so we dug into the data to see how different markets are progressing in the programmatic landscape.

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Three Things Unruly Is Doing For Earth Day 2017 – Which You Can Too!

Tomorrow is Earth Day! That’s right, at the weekend people around the globe will come together to support environmental causes and do their bit to try and change the world.

As part of the Earth Day celebration, we will be doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. One of our key values is #sharethelove, so we thought we’d outline exactly what we’re doing this week.

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3 Key Takeaways From Our Super Bowl 2017 Video Impact Study

Super Bowl LI was less than three months ago, but advertisers and marketers are already thinking about their 2018 campaigns.

So to help you make the most of the big game’s big opportunity, Unruly has analysed the overall effectiveness of this year’s Super Bowl ads.

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Netto Hunts For The Easter Bunny While Lloyds Increases Its Horse Power: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Easter is here – which means Adland is full of hopping bunnies, busy shoppers and very happy kids. But before the Bank Holiday weekend, why not kick back and enjoy some of the best ads from the past 7 days?

This week’s basket features an impressive ad from German supermarket Netto, who seem to be channelling John Lewis with its Easter spot.

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Outstream Video Boom Fuels Fastest Growth In Digital Ad Spend For Almost A Decade

UK digital ad spend surpassed £10.3bn in 2016 – an increase of 17% and the fastest growth rate for the industry in nine years, according to the IAB/PwC Digital Adspend Report.

This growth was driven by a massive rise in mobile and outstream video ad formats. Mobile ad spend rose by over 50% to reach £3.9bn in 2016, and now accounts for 38% of all spend in Britain.

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