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Unruly Named #1 Direct Supply Partner In New CTV Report

Global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform Pixalate has named Unruly as the number 1 direct CTV supply partner among Roku’s key app categories in the ad industry’s first-ever CTV app-ads.txt report. 

Importance of direct relationships 

Connected TV (CTV) consumption has been growing at an exceptional rate, leading to CTV apps battling it out for consumers attention.  

The battle, however, not only lies between the CTV apps themselves but between advertisers who are competing to get their products and services in front of the righconsumers. 

As a result, direct relationships with major CTV apps have never been more important.  

Advertisers, CTV apps and consumers all benefit from direct integrations, and ultimately these relationships create a better online advertising experience and environment. 

They are also an important building block in fostering greater trust and transparency within this fast-growing area of the ad tech ecosystem. 

With direct relationships with some of the world’s fastest-growing CTV apps, including Xumo, Pluto TVNewsy, and FuboTVit’s something we’ve always prided ourselves on aUnruly. 

So we’re delighted to be named the number 1 direct CTV supply partner among Roku’s key apps in Pixalate’s report. 


What finishing number one means 

Pixalate’s CTV App Ads.txt Report analyzes the state of app-ads.txt adoption among CTV apps. 

The IAB Tech Lab’s Ads.txt / App-Ads.txt programs aito increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem by allowing CTV apps to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory. 

Unruly finished top of Pixalate’s overall ranking of the most direct CTV supply partners among Roku’s key app categories in its CTV App Ads.txt Report. The chart was based on the number of ad.txt files companies are listed as, as a direct partner across 15,000 apps. 

The study is a massive validation of our efforts and ongoing mission to seamlessly bridge the gap between marketers and media owners.  


Why are so many CTV apps turning to Unruly? 

Our direct relationships with some of the world’s leading brands and agencies, including P&G, Unilever, Nestle, GSK, Diageo, OMG, and Publicis, as well as our distinct offerings — including our various data partnerships, our content testing and targeting tool, UnrulyEQ, and our bespoke creative studio, Tr.ly — enable us to attract budgets CTV apps might not see otherwise. 

Of course, buyers and DSPs benefit from this effort in cost-effectiveness and a more efficient programmatic execution. 

Additionally, according to Jounce Media’s latest SPO Fact Pack report, Unruly is ranked as a top 10 global SSP in terms of reach as validated by sellers.json. 

To find out more about UnrulyX — our premium supply-side ad platform for CTV, video, and display — click here.  

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