Viral Review: John Lewis Will Have You Jumping For Joy

John Lewis: Buster the Dog

Rating: 9/10

As reliable as Santa Claus, Brussel’s sprouts, or an argument over Christmas dinner, John Lewis is back for this year’s festive ad.

After years of delighting viewers with lush, beautifully-wrought campaigns, the British retailer has learned how to build anticipation for its season showcase. Speculation began early this year as to what John Lewis were keeping up their sleeve.

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John Lewis Christmas Ad Buster The Boxer On Track To Be A Record Breaker

The hottest ad in Adland has landed and is sharing fast. For many the John Lewis spot is the official start of Christmas season, and the huge online response to the brand’s latest effort proves that people are ready to start singing carols and decking halls.

Starring #BusterTheBoxer and a Randy Crawford soundtrack, there’s no doubt this ad is set to top the advertising (and music) charts this year.

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Gravity Lights And Celebrity Flights: The Top 10 Most Shared Ads Of The Month

As temperatures dip and the state of global politics continues to keep blood pressures soaring, the advertising industry seems determined to provide some light relief.

In these gloomy times, October’s crop of high-sharing adverts is a sort of antidote: charming, brightly-coloured, and imbued with the blind optimism of a labrador puppy.

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5 Findings From The Most Shared Videos Of The US Presidential Election

It’s almost here. Election day in the U.S. of A. After more than a year-and-a-half of one of the most controversial and divided campaigns the US has seen in decades, Americans from coast to coast will be casting their ballot tomorrow.

While the world awaits the final results, here at Unruly we’ve been busy dissecting how the candidates have been connecting with their audiences online. We tracked the most shared videos from the candidates to see which videos and trends are rising to the top of the polls.

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Big Hitters & Outfitters: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly collects the best and brightest ads from across the industry, and then puts them in a handy list so you can catch up on everything you missed before the weekend.

This week’s batch is full of some the biggest brands in the world, as well as one of this year’s first major Christmas ads.

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These Are The Most Shared Christmas Ads Of All Time

What makes a successful Christmas ad campaign? The obvious responses come first: festive cheer, smiling kids, wintry locations or a cameo appearance from Santa himself. When you think of the ideal Christmas spot, you’re probably thinking of every Yuletide cliche crammed together into a gift-wrapped box and tied up with a box.

However, this is far from the truth. Unruly has assembled the top 10 most-shared Christmas adverts of all time – and the ranks are surprisingly diverse. From musicals and film trailers, to mini-epics and animations, the most popular Christmas ads show that the best festive spots come in all shapes and sizes.

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Half-Baked Muppets And Festive Puppets: The Most Shared Christmas Ads Of 2015

The race for Christmas advert success is always hotly contested – and 2015 was no exception. As brands gear up another festive season of clamouring for shares, likes, views and, of course, sales, let’s take a look back at last year’s top 10 to see what we learned.

2015 was one of the biggest Christmas upsets in a few years, with none of the major British retailers taking home the top spot.

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Viral Review: Bose Shows Us A New Side Of London

Bose: Get Closer

Rating: 8/10

Cities are crowded places. Anyone who’s ever lived in a major metropolis knows that, for all their cosmopolitan benefits, one of their many downsides is just how many people there are.

If you’ve ever been compressed between strangers fighting for a Tube seat or narrowly avoided a car accident while dodging tourists, you’ve probably fantasised about what living in an empty city might be like. Bose’s latest campaign is here to sate that desire.

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