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A Truly Unruly Year!

It’s been an unpredictable past 12 months and a year we’ll certainly never forget.

In true Unruly fashion, we’d like to share with you all a few words which we think sum up the past year perfectly, along with a video treat from one of this year’s biggest made stars.



A Truly Unruly Year

We worked late nights on the sofa with very sore backs, 

While we watched the neighbours attempt yoga to try and relax. 


Doctors, nurses and paramedics became real life heroes in our eyes, 

While Corona cases across the globe continued to rise. 


As popularity for Disney+ grew, so did our TV binges, 

While we worked in our pyjamas with dodgy cut fringes. 


Across the world we learnt to observe the 2M rule, 

While the roads became full of scooters that were suddenly ‘cool’. 


Public places became awash with colourful masks, 

While parents with kids out of school truly learnt to multi-task. 


Parasite swept up every film prize under the sun, 

While every man and his dog suddenly learnt how to run. 


The Black Lives Matter movement rose up and we all took note, 

While the world was glued to their screens wondering how the US would vote. 


This year has been truly difficult in more ways than one, 

But we’ve got through it together, sharing in the tears, good times and fun. 


So as the holidays draw near, and with Christmas not far, 

We’ll leave you with a few closing words from 2020’s biggest made star…