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  • Unruly CEO Reflects On His Time At Agency That Launched First Banner Ad 25 Years Ago

    This Sunday marks an important milestone in the history of online advertising. That’s because 25 years ago this weekend, the first-ever banner ad was launched. It’s a format that certainly divides opinion, but as it enters its 26th year, its impact on digital advertising since first appearing as a boxy, clickable ad at the top of the pages of HotWired.com is without question. But what was it like to be there? Well, Unruly’s CEO Norm Johnston, who worked for the agency who created the first banner 25 years ago, looks back at the impact it had, and the monumental journey the ad industry has been on ever since. Q. Back in 1994, the first banner ad was set upon the world, marking the start of a whole new

  • Responsibility, privacy, and emotion are paramount for programmatic success

    Last week, the Unruly team were out in full force at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O in New York. From cookies to privacy to SPO strategies, the discussions focused on the evolving media landscape and for those who couldn’t make it, we’ve put together a breakdown of the key takeaways. Responsible Media: Selecting the right platforms to partner with Rob Rakowitz, Initiative Lead, Global Alliance for Responsible Media, Eric Austin, Associate Director, Global Brand Building, Media Innovation, P&G, Joshua Nafman, Head of Global Media Buying and Operations, Diageo, and Alison Weissbrot, Staff Reporter, AdExchanger engaged in fantastic panel-based conversation about the importance of everyone in the business being honest about the challenges they face and collaborating to put robust solutions in place. Austin said “We communicate what our values are.

  • The Cookie Conundrum, the ICO and Jack Straw: 7 Key Takeaways From New Video Frontiers

    It’s conference season in the ad industry at the moment. I suppose it’s a little like the entertainment awards season in California, but without the sunshine, red carpet and glamour. And as we run (or stagger) from conference to awards to roundtable session, it’s hard to remember who said what, where and when. Especially when you can’t read the illegible notes you scribbled down on a piece of paper to remind yourself (someone tore out their notebook as you forgot to bring your own). So I thought I’d save you the trouble. Here are my top seven takeaways from the recent New Video Frontiers: 1.OTT revenue is going to grow but barriers and obstacles will slow its growth Advertisers follow audiences, and that’s why “50% of advertisers plan

  • Tesco CEO explains how they used emotions to build consumer trust

    WPP CEO also speaks on the advantages of fusing tech and creativity while founder of JICWEBS outlines its new initiative to tackle fraud on a global scale at the Festival of Marketing  Tesco’s Chief Executive Dave Lewis has revealed the part emotions has played in rebuilding the brand’s trust among consumers. Speaking at the Festival of Marketing, Lewis talked about Tesco’s transformation over the past five years and what the brand has done to help restore trust among customers, which was at an all-time low when he joined the company.  He set the marketing team the challenge of re-engaging with consumers on an emotional level. They responded by launching the company’s ‘Food Love Stories’ campaign, which showed how various customers are using different ingredients bought from Tesco stores

  • Advertisers, publishers and brands unite in London for Trust Talks

    Last week we had an amazing time hosting our latest Trust Talks event! Four panels played out to a packed out room in London, each one focussing on a different area of advertising. The morning kicked off bright and early with breakfast and welcome drinks. It was a great chance to catch up with old friends and meet a number of new faces. We created Trust Talks as a space for brands, advertisers and publishers to come together to meet and find ways in which we can better work together to continue to bring trust and transparency to the advertising world. Our first panel focussed on the Sell-Side of advertising and was comprised of experts from The Telegraph, The Mail Online, Marketing Week, Give Me Sport and The

  • The five biggest trends from DMEXCO 2019

    DMEXCO, the biggest advertising event in the European calendar, took place in Cologne, Germany this month. The annual adtech fest is still a packed event, but there are signs that DMEXCO may have reached its zenith. Organisers predicted around 40,000 people attended the event this year, which is the same as last year – not great when you consider that last year attendance plummeted by 22%. Threats were debated: the death of the cookie, consolidation and sales – and the very real possibility of an impending global recession. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, though! Despite all the noise, the industry is still growing, with the IAB announcing that programmatic ad spend in Europe rose by 33% last year to hit €16.7 billion (about $18.4 billion), while 50%

  • The biggest Trust Talks yet!

    Since we launched Trust Talks it’s gotten bigger and bigger, and next week’s event is set to be the biggest yet! Over the past few years, Trust Talks has brought light to the programmatic ecosystem and given some of the world’s leading advertisers, publishers and brands a platform to discuss the industry’s biggest trends, opportunities, and issues. We’ve held events across the world in major cities including New York, Singapore and London. Next Wednesday Trust Talks heads back to London where it all began for a packed morning of panels exploring some of the industry’s most talked-about topics. The event is now sold out, and for those of you who managed to secure tickets, here is what you can look forward to! Being a publisher in 2019 is

  • What is Pair Programming?

    Our Lead Product Manager, Aimy Ko speaks about the power of Pair Programming, how it works and what benefits it could bring to your team. If you’ve ever visited the Product Development area in Unruly’s London HQ you might have noticed that there are always two people sitting at a computer. This is Pair Programming in action. There are many different ways to pair, but in essence, you take it in turns to “drive” and “navigate”. The two of you sit in front of the same computer with a single keyboard and mouse, and switch driving every 20 minutes or so. Why do we do it? It helps us to find better solutions since, generally, there is no “correct” way of solving a problem. With Pair Programming, each

  • What’s life like as a Compliance Director?

    Our Global Product Compliance Director, Kelly Collins, speaks to us about negotiating with stakeholders, the data privacy revolution and her Italian water dog! Q: Hi, first of all, could you introduce yourself, and talk a bit about what you do at Unruly… I’m Kelly and I’m the Global Product Compliance Director at Unruly. I work with our internal teams, partners, advertisers and publishers to ensure that we comply with data privacy regulations and security while still delivering industry-leading products and services to publishers and advertisers. Q: How did you find out about Unruly? My first introduction to Unruly and its dynamic culture was when I attended two networking events in Unruly’s amazing Clubhouse. I was looking for my next opportunity when our Chief Product Officer, Jule Owen, forwarded