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Watch Apple’s New Holiday Ad – But Bring Some Tissues

Apple has unveiled its new Holiday ad just ahead of Thanksgiving. But be warned: you will need some tissues!

The tech giant’s festive offering has become one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the Yuletide period. And this year’s campaign — named “The Surprise” — is certainly worth the wait.

The last time I got this emotional about a piece of tech was when my parents bought me a Commodore 64 for Xmas (yes, I am that old).


The ad features a couple and their two young girls travelling to their grandfather’s home for the holidays. As kids do, they fight and complain all the way there and are only calmed by the family iPad.

There’s no let-up when they get to their grandad, who is sad after a recent event and not ready to deal with a couple of misbehaving, whining kids.

Once again the parents turn to the family iPad for help, but come Christmas morning we find out the girls have been using the iPad for a lot more than just watching kids’ movies and taking pictures of their dog wearing glasses (which is great, btw).

It turns out they’ve been busy creating an album of old family videos and photos to show how much they miss their recently deceased grandmother.

The storytelling is fantastic and the end is a real emotional gut punch that will leave many with tears in their eyes.

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