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UnrulyEQ is about emotional and brand impact. Emotional ad campaigns create preference, lead to decisions and are about twice as effective as rational advertising.  Make sure your campaigns deliver on your brand metrics with our emotion-powered testing and targeting solutions.


Improve campaign success by understanding the emotional, behavioural and cultural characteristics that supercharge your campaign.

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Reach receptive users at scale and engage them via data-enabled PMPs using our Custom and Popular Audiences.

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Think bigger, go deeper

Sharpen your competitive edge with UnrulyEQ's strategic industry and audience playbooks and gain invaluable insights on the video landscape.

With a custom UnrulyEQ Playbook, advertisers also get a snapshot analysis of their video's impact via UnrulyEQ Lite.

Creative pre-testing

Discover the full emotional and brand impact of your video ads and find out which moments are working the hardest with UnrulyEQ Max, all before your ad is distributed, giving it the best chance of success.

A full UnrulyEQ Max study includes:

  • Content optimisation recommendations
  • A facial coding trace of participants' emotions (opt-in up to 500 people)
  • A skip score - how likely viewers are to skip your ad
  • Qualitative responses - what did viewers like and dislike about the video?
  • Analysis of key brand metrics and uplifts
  • Cultural insights (leveraging Hofstede methodology)

Get a deep analysis with UnrulyEQ Max or use our quick turnaround UnrulyEQ Lite version.

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Post-campaign analysis

Get measurable insights into a campaign's impact - including uplift, recall and purchase intent following campaign delivery.

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Hit your bullseye

Custom Audiences

Get target audiences tailored specifically to your brand, like Real Audiences, Intender Audiences, Affinity Audiences and more...

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Popular Audiences

Proven audience packages ready to apply to any UnrulyX media buy.

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Supercharge your trailer

Drive box office success by matching the right audience to the right trailer with UnrulyEQ Max - Trailer Edition, a creative testing and targeting tool that helps movie studios and entertainment brands:

  • Find the audiences a trailer resonates most with
  • Identify the themes that cause the strongest reactions
  • Create the cuts that will work hardest for different audiences
  • Build targeting segments specifically for each trailer

Create the perfect trailer for every audience

Toyota “Good Odds” Tops Unruly’s 2018 Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart
Toyota “Good Odds” Tops Unruly’s 2018 Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart

Toyota “Good Odds” is the most effective ad from this year’s Super Bowl, according to new data released from Unruly. The auto company’s Big Game ad tops the Super Bowl...

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Unruly’s 9 Predictions for Adland 2018
Unruly’s 9 Predictions for Adland 2018

2017 was a massive year for Adland. Brand safety and transparency dominated the conversation, smart devices captured marketers’ imaginations, and the importance of quality creative was highlighted by some truly...

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Tops Unruly’s Movie Trailer Effectiveness Chart
Spider-Man: Homecoming Tops Unruly’s Movie Trailer Effectiveness Chart

Creating a movie trailer that will drive box office ticket sales is far from easy. After all, you want to whet the appetite of viewers enough to get them ready...

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