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  • Women More Likely To Find Ad Banned By ASA For Portraying Men As Bad Parents Sexist

    Female consumers also had a more negative view of the brand and were less likely to buy the product after watching Philadelphia’s “New Dads” campaign, according to our new research. To mark international men’s day we’ve used our emotional targeting and testing tool, UnrulyEQ, to analyse the emotions from two ads that were banned earlier this year under the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) new gender stereotyping rules. Philadelphia’s “New Dads” – banned by the ad watchdog for featuring negative gender stereotypes – performed poorly with both men and women, but the reaction among women was particularly bad. Female viewers were not only 37% more likely to find the commercial sexist than men, they also had a more negative view of the brand after watching. Women were also less

  • Very Surprising: Online Retailer Beats John Lewis As Most Emotionally Engaging Christmas Ad

    UK retailer’s tale of community spirit and seasonal goodwill is most moving of this year’s festive ads; Ads from Sainsbury’s, Barbour, ASDA and Dogs Trust also make top 5 Very’s ”Get More Out Of Giving” is the most emotionally-engaging Christmas ad of 2019. That’s according to our new research, where we’ve ranked the festive campaigns most likely to move viewers. The animated ad, which tells the story of a community coming together to give Sidney, a lonely man, a Christmas he’ll never forget, finished top of our Christmas tree—just ahead of John Lewis and Waitrose’s first-ever joint campaign, “Excitable Edgar”, in second spot. In joint third was Sainsbury’s epic tale, “Nick The Sweep”, and Barbour’s animated “Thanks Mrs C”. A tear-jerking campaign from The Dogs Trust and ASDA’s

  • John Lewis And The Dragon: Watch Why Edgar Has Good Reason To Be Excited

    First Joint effort from Waitrose and John Lewis breathes new life (and fire) into Christmas canon Meet ‘Excitable Edgar’. The cute dragon is the star of the new John Lewis Christmas ad, released earlier this morning, and he’s certainly got a lot to be excited about.  First up, Edgar co-stars with his friend Ava in the UK retailer’s first-ever joint festive effort with Waitrose. The new ad, Adam & Eve/DDB’s 11th ad for John Lewis, also seems like a return to form for the retailer following last year’s ad, “The Boy and the Piano”.  The 2018 campaign, starring Elton John, certainly divided opinion and was seen as a break from the tried-and-trusted Xmas formula, recently finishing second-bottom in Unruly’s ranking of the UK retailer’s most emotionally-engaging festive commercials

  • Christmas Ads Twice As Likely To Make You Cry, Smile And Feel Nostalgic 

    Our new research finds festive campaigns are much more moving than other ads We all know that Christmas is an emotional time of the year. But it’s not just family overtime, schmaltzy movies and fights over the Christmas Day washing-up that make the Yuletide period such an emotional rollercoaster.  Festive ads also play their part in making the Christmas holidays a particularly emotional time for a lot of people around the world.  According to our new research, Christmas ads are much more likely to make people smile, feel nostalgic or reach for the tissues to wipe away the tears. Our new study, which analysed ads shown in the UK from the last five years, looked into the effect Christmas ads have on viewers and how they compare with

  • Our top 10 Christmas ads of 2019 (so far)

    Dig out that festive jumper, dust off the light-up reindeer and get sharpening the Turkey knives, the Christmas ads have arrived! November marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Adland, and what a start to the month it’s been! Like snowflakes, once one falls, they all begin to arrive in a flurry. While the John Lewis ad hasn’t made an appearance just yet, there’s plenty to keep us entertained so far. In this week’s top 10, you’ll see the return of the Queen of Christmas herself, and the resurrection of the ‘Book of Dreams’. Also, keep an eye out for the return of everyone’s favourite animated carrot and a new animation from The Snowman’s Raymond Briggs. We’re running all these ads, as well as the new one

  • Trust Given – Trust Received? A Look Back At This Year’s AOP Summit

    London’s publisher players were out in force last week at this year’s Association For Online Publishers (AOP) Digital Summit, and while industry leaders shared thoughts about the transformation of our trade, it all sounded very familiar. Building authenticity in a distrusting world The AOP Digital Summit is an annual event, held in London, which brings together the digital publishing industry to share the latest ideas and solutions that will drive profitability for digital publishers This year, in his opening speech on the ‘The Post Truth Business’, researcher and author Sean Pilot de Chenecy spoke of the challenges brands face when it comes to building trust in a post-truth world. He said: “In an era of scandal, fake news and disillusionment, marketers need to work harder and smarter than

  • “Bear And The Hare” Is The Most Effective John Lewis Christmas Ad Of All Time

    Campaign from 2013 tops our list of UK retailer’s best festive ads; ranking shows ads are becoming less appealing, with most recent campaigns at the bottom of the chart “Bear And The Hare” is the most effective John Lewis Christmas ad of all time. That’s according to our new research, which ahead of the launch of the retailer’s highly-anticipated festive campaign this month, ranks the best John Lewis Xmas campaigns ever. Our Christmas Ads Chart was ranked using our proprietary metric EQ Score — a composite score based on the intensity of emotions viewers felt while watching, plus a campaign’s ability to drive brand metrics such as brand favorability and purchase intent.  The animated 2013 campaign, which features a hare buying her bear friend an alarm clock so

  • Ghostly Phone Campaign Is Scariest Ad Of All Time

    An ad by former mobile phone retailer Phones4u featuring a wraith-like little girl is the scariest ad of all time, according to our new research. In the build-up to Halloween, we’ve used our content testing tool, UnrulyEQ to rank the ads which generated the most intense feelings of fear. Phones4u’s “Little Girl”, in which a woman walking back to her car is haunted by an apparition of a girl offering her a good deal on her phone, had the biggest fear factor after leaving almost a quarter of viewers (23%) quivering behind their fingers while watching.  The commercial—which attracted 600 complaints from upset viewers, the highest of any UK campaign in 2011, when it was first broadcast on British TV—is 11X scarier and 7X more shocking than the

  • MMS: Unruly Shows How Brands Can Optimise For Sound-Off Down Under

    Over the past few weeks, the Unruly APAC team has been busy jetting around Australia and New Zealand for the Modern Marketing Summit (MMS). During the series of programmatic summits Down Under, the team met up with clients, hosted panels and presented Unruly’s programmatic solutions and insights to the country’s leading brands, advertisers and publishers. But for those who couldn’t make it to any of the events, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a round-up from Sinéad Canny, Unruly’s APAC Marketing & Communications Lead: While Unruly’s MMS 2019 topic of discussion was ‘Sound Off Is The New Black’, the sound was most certainly on as we took to the stage in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. We kicked off MMS in Melbourne, where our AUNZ MD Ricky Chanana