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Our Favorite Super Bowl LIV Teasers So Far

Olay seeks to close the gender pay gap, Cheetos tells the MC Hammer origin story and did Planters really just kill off Mr Peanut? Check out all the action from the Super Bowl LIV teasers!

Normally by now, you’d expect to have seen a few of this year’s Big Game ads land online. However, this year all the big brands have opted to tease audiences with a glimpse of what they can expect from their main spots — and it’s working wonderfully.

These teasers have already racked up a huge amount of YouTube views. At the time of writing, Doritos’ teaser has 3.8M views, Cheetos 2.8M and Planters 1.1M!

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Olay – #MakeSpaceForWomen ‘Space Walk’ and ‘Space Food’

On 15 January, Olay released two 20-second teasers for its new campaign to #MakeSpaceForWomen. The company purchased a 30-second spot that will run during the first quarter of the game to promote the brand and raise awareness on closing the gender pay gap. The teasers feature an all-female celebrity cast from a variety of backgrounds, including social influencer Lilly Singh, actresses Busy Philipps and Taraji P. Henson, TV personality Katie Couric and retired astronaut, Nicole Scott. Shown above is the ‘Space Walk’ spot. See the ‘Space Food’ spot here.

Planters – Road Trip

This teaser features Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes on a road trip with Mr Peanut. Driving along a mountain road, Mr Peanut loses control, resulting in the three passengers being flung off the side. To save the others, Mr Peanut lets go and supposedly drops to his death. Planters has announced that the brand’s third-quarter spot will feature Mr. Peanut’s funeral. It seems like Planter really did kill off their 104-year old mascot… or will there be a twist?

Doritos – ‘Monologue’ & ‘Bassquake’

The most-watched teaser on YouTube so far features actor Tom Elliot doing what he does best — looking mean whilst playing a cowboy!

In this teaser, the Grammy-nominated actor recites lyrics from 2019’s hit song ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X. Could Doritos be returning to their winning formula from 2018 that saw actors Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage reciting lyrics from popular rap songs? Based on our UnrulyEQ data, that spot was one of the most effective ads of Super Bowl LII coming in third, just behind Toyota and Budweiser. See Dorito’s other teaser, ‘Bassquake’ featuring Lil Nas X here. 

Cheetos – MC Hammer ‘Where it all began’

The second teaser from food company Frito-Lay is for Cheetos and heads back to 1989 to tell the story of how MC Hammer came up with his number one hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’, which recently turned 30 years old! However, it’s not just MC Hammer who’s making a comeback. Cheetos haven’t run an ad during the Big Game since 2009! Let’s hope the comeback for both of them will be worth the wait!

Budweiser – 2020 Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

Budweiser has this year taken a different approach to other brands by releasing a video of its stars watching its ad rather than revealing what the ad is about.

The teaser shows different groups of people, including the Women’s World Cup-winning team, a doctor, a US army reserve veteran and a marathon runner all watching Budweiser’s Super Bowl spot in which they are all featured in.

Budweiser – ‘Typical American’ – The full length ad

Just 2 days after the teaser above came out, Budweiser released this 60-second ad was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, an Oscar-winning filmmaker and produced by agency David Miami. The ad shows Americans accomplishing extraordinary feats while a voice over announces some negative American stereotypes. This is the ad that the people in the Budweiser teaser spot were watching when they looked very emotional and inspired. We’re excited to see whether we get the same reactions we test it!

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