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  • Google’s “Loretta” Is Most Effective Ad Of Super Bowl LIV

    Tech giant’s tear-jerking ad beats Cheetos and NY Life Insurance in video ad tech company Unruly’s ranking of the most effective ads from Super Bowl 2020 Google’s “Loretta” is the most effective ad of Super Bowl 2020, according to new research from Unruly. A study by the video ad tech company found the tech giant’s tear-inducing ad, which tells the story of an elderly gentleman asking his Google Assistant to display stored memories of his late wife, was the campaign most likely to have the biggest impact on brand and business metrics. Unruly, recently acquired By Tremor International, ranked all of the big ads from this year’s Super Bowl using its proprietary metric UnrulyEQ — a composite score based on a campaign’s ability to not only engage consumers,

  • Super Bowl LIV: Brands Raise Awareness Of Social And Environmental Issues

    Super Bowl LIV will soon be upon us, with the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs set to battle it out in Miami this Sunday. But the action won’t just be limited to the pitch, with brands also scrapping it out for people’s attention during the course of the match. Keen to get ahead of the Big Game, some advertisers have already released their Super Bowl spots online. But which brands are already grabbing headlines? And which trends are we seeing? Well, ahead of Sunday’s spectacle, Unruly has been running the rule on this year’s runners and riders to spot any emerging trends. You can read our first installment here. Here is a second helping: Women’s Empowerment & Equality is a huge focus With women making

  • Super Bowl LIV: Odd Celebrity Pairings And Real-Life Relationships Draw On Emotional Appeal

    With just a few days until the Super Bowl kicks off, brands are already vying for viewers’ hard-won attention. But which brands are getting noticed before a ball has even been kicked? And which trends are we seeing emerging already? Well, emotions are certainly heightened around the Super Bowl – and not just around what’s happening on the pitch. Emotions also play a key part in the ads, with two already playing a leading role in Super Bowl LIV. Unusual celebrity pairings create lots of laughs Celebrities and the Super Bowl go hand in hand — and this year is no different. Actors, music artists, talk show hosts, comedians and even politicians feature throughout this year’s Big Game spots. The difference this time around is there are lots

  • IAB Debate Explores If Advertising Is Best Way To Keep Internet Free And Open

    A group of Unrulies were invited to Westminster this week to debate the motion that ‘advertising is the best way to keep the internet free and open’. Speaking for the motion was Ravleen Beeston, from Microsoft, and Anna-Sophie Harling, from NewsGuard, with Matt Rogerson, from the Guardian, and Professor Paul Bernal, from the University of East Anglia, opposing the motion. The evening was arranged by the IAB, and the audience was encouraged to get involved in the debate, which led to some interesting discussions. A thought that was repeated throughout the debate was no one has found an alternative as good and fair as advertising to fund the free and open internet. Some alternative suggestions were discussed, including subscription models, which were quickly dismissed due to only the

  • Our Favorite Super Bowl LIV Teasers So Far

    Olay seeks to close the gender pay gap, Cheetos tells the MC Hammer origin story and did Planters really just kill off Mr Peanut? Check out all the action from the Super Bowl LIV teasers! Normally by now, you’d expect to have seen a few of this year’s Big Game ads land online. However, this year all the big brands have opted to tease audiences with a glimpse of what they can expect from their main spots — and it’s working wonderfully. These teasers have already racked up a huge amount of YouTube views. At the time of writing, Doritos’ teaser has 3.8M views, Cheetos 2.8M and Planters 1.1M! So, what’s all the fuss about? Olay – #MakeSpaceForWomen ‘Space Walk’ and ‘Space Food’ On 15 January, Olay released

  • Top 5 Funniest Ads From Super Bowl LIII

    The 2019 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the LA Rams — the lowest-scoring Super Bowl match of all time — may not have provided too much entertainment, but at least the ads gave viewers something to smile about. According to our data taken from the past four Super Bowls, audiences found ads from the Super Bowl 2019 the funniest in recent history, with 11% of viewers laughing at the commercials compared to the Super Bowl average of 4%. But which ads from the 2019 Super Bowl were the funniest? Well, using data from our content testing tool UnrulyEQ, here are the top 5: =5 – Food Porn – Devour (16% Hilarity) This ad begins with a woman talking about her boyfriend who is addicted to

  • Why Taking A Gamble At The Super Bowl Can Really Pay Off

    Just over 98 million viewers tuned into last year’s Super Bowl live broadcast last year — the fewest in 11 years. The game, which saw the New England Patriots beat the LA Rams 13-3, was heavily criticised by many fans for being too defensive, with neither team taking any chances. These risk-averse strategies were not just limited to the playing field, with the majority of Super Bowl advertisers also playing it safe with their content, which was reflected in various marketing stats. Unruly tested last year’s crop of ads using its UnrulyEQ testing tool and found that overall Super Bowl 2019 failed to reach the level of performance of some recent Super Bowls. For example, when compared to the 2016 Super Bowl, 38% of viewers overall said they

  • Rotating TVs, Ping Pong Playing Robots And Flying Ubers: What Went Down At CES 2020?

    Every year the world’s biggest tech companies descend on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – and this year was no different. CES 2020 welcomed over 170,000 people last week, including our own team, who took to the floor to check out this year’s incredible tech (keep reading for our highlights) and to show our new UNstereotype research. Using our UnrulyEQ testing tool, we examined a number of ads, including the recent Peloton campaign, which attracted a lot of criticism last year, to see how consumers reacted to the creative and whether they felt the creatives included any harmful stereotypes around gender, age, regionality, race, religion and social class. To showcase this research we hired an amazing suite in the Vdara Hotel overlooking the Vegas Strip.

  • How Tesco’s Festive Ad Campaign Delivered Success For Retailer

    Tesco hailed the success of its Christmas ad campaign following a successful festive period for the UK’s largest supermarket chain. The retailer saw its sales grow for the fifth Christmas in a row, selling more food in one day than any other time in its history. And Chief Executive Dave Lewis was quick to point to the success of its festive marketing campaign — “Delivering Christmas” — as a key contributing factor. Lewis said: “We’re really very happy with the way the campaign worked. We were very clear about putting customers at the centre and rewarding them with even better value. People have really enjoyed the ad campaign – it’s a bit of fun, it’s humorous, quite empathetic and engaging.” Tesco’s Christmas ad campaign followed a delivery driver