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Working Remotely: Top Tips for Teams and Managers

Working from home can be challenging, especially for those of us who are used to working in a busy office Monday to Friday. Unruly’s People Team Directors, Polina Wilson and Karina Stelling, give us their top tips for getting the most out of your new home office environment!

Keeping in Touch

  • Schedule in regular daily team stand-ups. It’s always great to connect and check-in with the rest of your team, even if it’s not specifically work-related. Sometimes it helps to just talk things through!
  • Implement optional lunch or coffee break calls every now and then with your team. No work agenda, just to chat!
  • When you can, activate your camera to give those video calls a more personal and approachable touch.
  • Make sure your calendar is up to date – and check other people’s calendars before inviting them to calls as some people may be working adjusted hours now.
  • If you don’t have this yet – set up a group chat group for your team!

Maintain Your Work-Life-Balance

  • Set up a routine for yourself. Not commuting to and from the office can make you feel like you don’t leave work mentally, so be sure to implement daily routines like setting a start and finish time. And think about something you can do when you finish work to decompress – e.g. a couple of minutes of meditation, start your meal prep, play a game or watch an episode of your favourite show.
  • Make sure to schedule in proper lunch breaks and other planned breaks from work. You can use that time to make a call to keep in touch with others or, if possible, to get some fresh air.
  • If you can, set up your WFH area in a dedicated spot at home, away from your day-to-day, to separate it from your at-home life.

Stay Healthy – Physical and Mental Wellbeing

  • There are lots of workout videos online that you can do at home when your gym is closed. Loads of providers are even offering free sessions now to help us all get through this time without needing to stop our daily workouts! A couple of good ones we have found are Classpass.com, crossfit.com and downdogapp.com.
  • Mental wellbeing is highly important as well. Many of us will not be able to see loved ones, friends and family for some time or just not as regularly. Luckily, the internet offers a variety of tools to stay in touch. We know this well as a global video ad tech company covering multiple time zones and locations! Be it Google Hangouts, a WhatsApp Video Call, Skype or just regular phone calls, use these tools to stay connected.
  • There are loads of meditation apps you can use to centre yourself during tough times. Sneak in some time for self-care daily.
  • When not on a call, having some music on in the background can soothe the mind and help you feel productive.
  • If you are feeling anxious, consider reducing the frequency of checking the news and only trust reliable sources.

Free and Other Useful Stuff

  • Headspace offers free sessions for meditation specifically for weathering what’s going on right now.
  • Check out this Instagram handle for some great pick-me-ups.
  • If you spot more stuff, let your colleagues know – a quick Google search will open up endless opportunities of freebies.

Our Top 10 Perks of WFH

  1. Flexible schedule. You can take breaks at any moment and eat lunch at any weird time you want!
  2. Custom environment. Set up your noise level just the way you want it — somewhere between insanely quiet to being at the front row of a concert. Play your fave album on repeat.
  3. Cosy clothes. You get to wear your weekend sweatpants every day if you want!
  4. It’s easier to make calls. You won’t have to scramble to find a conference room. Kids and pets can make it tricky but find ways to introduce them and manage around this 🙂
  5. No office distractions.
  6. Zero commuting. From bed to … kitchen counter?
  7. Save money. Lunch is expensive if you work in a city! Say goodbye to costly meals and make something healthy at home!
  8. Forget crowds and traffic. No cramming yourself onto a train, bus or other public transport!
  9. More time with loved ones for those working from home! Get some extra snuggles in with your dog, or spend more time with your partner and kids!
  10. Sneak in a lunchtime workout! Lots of freebies out there now.