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Mother’s Day 2020: These Are The Most Emotionally-Engaging Ads For Mums

It’s Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend, and while this year’s celebration will be very different from any other because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the technology we have in place means we can still celebrate together — even if we’re not in the same room or even country.

To mark the occasion, we’ve dug through our emotional database to discover which ads mothers across the UK find the most emotionally engaging.

Our round-up includes a hibernating bear, a generous shopkeeper and some incredibly cute puppies.


3. Cancer Research: What Is A Race For Life Like?
Emotional score: 55%

This ad follows a group of women running the Race For Life, shining a spotlight on all the diverse ages and backgrounds across the UK that come together to fight Cancer.

The inspirational music, combined with the campaign’s ‘fight cancer together’ message, all resulted in the high emotional intensity score of 55% for this spot.

=2. Cadbury: Mum’s Birthday
Emotional score: 56%

One of our favourite campaigns from Cadbury, this ad tells the story of a young girl who trades an assortment of trinkets with a shopkeeper in exchange for a Dairy Milk chocolate bar. Cadbury went all out on this campaign, opening pop-up stores across the country where you could swap anything you had on you for a bar of Dairy Milk!

The ad resonated particularly strongly with mothers, many of whom imagined their own children in place of the girl. This loving narrative, along with Cadbury’s strong brand affinity, made this an extremely successful spot in the UK.

=2. NHS: Hugs
Emotional score: 56%

This spot from the NHS, made to spread awareness of the importance of organ donation, is narrated by a young boy, who talks about how a donated liver saved his little brother’s life.

It’s an extremely touching ad about the relationship between two young brothers and the love they have for each other. It’s no wonder this spot scored highly in emotional intensity amongst mothers.

=2. Dulux: Easycare
Emotional score: 56%

This spot is literally a minute’s worth of puppies running around a living room to promote Dulux paint! It features a variety of breeds, along with the well-known Dulux mascot appearing at the end of the ad.

Both this ad, along with the number one spot in this list, heavily feature animals, showing the love that many UK mothers have for animals!

1. John Lewis: Bear and Hare
Emotional score: 58%

This ad, which probably needs no introduction, is one of John Lewis’ most loved festive spots. In fact, not only is it the most emotionally-engaging ad among UK mothers, it’s also the most effective John Lewis Christmas ad ever.

The 2013 spot was also the most heart-warming of all the John Lewis Xmas campaigns – 5 times higher than the UK average. It also scored joint highest for brand favourability, intent to find out more and is three times sadder than the average UK ad.

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