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What is UnrulyEQ?

Unruly EQ helps advertisers maximise the impact of their video content across multiple screens to more effectively land brand metrics and target receptive audiences at scale.​

Think bigger, go deeper

Sharpen your competitive edge with UnrulyEQ’s strategic industry and audience playbooks and gain invaluable insights on the video landscape. With a custom UnrulyEQ Playbook, advertisers get a snapshot analysis of their video’s impact via UnrulyEQ Lite.

Pre-testing creative

Pre-testing creative

Discover the full emotional and brand impact of your video ads and find out which moments are working the hardest all before your ad is distributed, giving it the best chance of success by using UnrulyEQ Max, or UnrulyEQ Lite for a quick turnaround.

Post-campaign analysis

Post-campaign analysis

Get measurable insights into a campaign’s impact – including uplift, recall and purchase intent following campaign delivery. EQLift measures the post-viewing impact of your campaign with all results measured against proprietary benchmarks developed in the same controlled test environment conditions.

Tr.ly Creative Solution

Capture audiences’ attention by telling engaging, relevant stories across all screens. Combined with UnrulyEQ’s content testing, Tr.ly delivers beautiful video creative aligned to media goals, audiences, screens and placement types.

  • An entire team of digital creative experts added to your own​
  • Marry your creative assets to your media strategy​
  • Solutions range from turn-key to fully-custom​

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