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  • Unruly Releases The 20 Most Shared Social Video Ads Of 2012

    LONDON, NEW YORK, PARIS, BERLIN — December 3, 2012 — While Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, P&G, Nike and Volkswagen all feature prominently in the 2012 Unruly Global Viral Video Ads Chart — the annual ranking of the year’s most shared video ads, released today by Unruly — it is a little-known non-profit that is the year’s overall winner. Kony 2012, created and released by the not-for-profit Invisible Children, was by far the most shared ad of 2012, generating 10.1 million shares since it launched on March 5. The incredible success of this 30-minute video demonstrates how a relatively unknown entity can make a global impact in social media with powerful content and a comprehensive distribution strategy. The social video rankings are derived from the Unruly Viral Video Chart, since 2006 the definitive source of video sharing behavior across the

  • Social Video Platform Unruly Reports Rapid Growth In 2012

    High-growth Company continues international expansion and investment in people. NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO AND LONDON—August 15, 2012—Unruly, the global market leader and industry thought leader for social video marketing, today announced its results for the year ended 31 March, 2012. The year to 31 March, 2012 saw a period of significant growth for the Group, both in its revenues and geographical reach. Revenue tripled from £6.0 million in fiscal year 2011 to £17.6 million in fiscal year 2012. “In 2012 we invested in expanding our geographical footprint and hiring senior people to fuel our growth,” said Unruly founder and Group CEO Scott Button. “These results consolidate our position as the clear global leader in social video advertising. These are exciting times for the industry, with global online ad spend

  • Unruly Opens World’s First Social Video Lab

    Brands to increase ROI of social video campaigns based on customised research & insight. 27 June, 2012 – Unruly today launched the world’s first social video lab, which will allow brands and agencies to predict the effectiveness and shareability of their video content before they invest in campaign budget to disseminate it across the web. Based at Unruly’s London headquarters, the social video lab will use exclusive analytics to enable clients to maximise the potential return on investment of their content. Brands can pre-test the video, and then tweak it based on custom-built insight and research from Unruly, before it is set live online. Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, which has tracked over 300 billion video streams since launching in 2006, is the engine behind the video analytics. Clients’ concepts will be tested using

  • Unruly Brings Dynamic Creative Optimisation To Social Video

    Proprietary social video advertising platform now gives brands unprecedented ability to improve campaign performance in real time.  LONDON – September 6, 2012 – Unruly, the award-winning global technology platform for social video advertising, today announced that it has added dynamic creative optimisation to its Social Video Player. This proprietary technology will dramatically increase a brand’s campaign performance by automatically selecting which video ad to display to the target audience. The selection is based on viewer behaviour and the campaign’s KPIs. It will help brands spend campaign distribution budgets in the most efficient way and allow them to change content without going back to the production phase. When activated, the technology chooses which of the brand’s multiple videos to show based on how the content is performing against the brand’s

  • Video Inspiring Kids To Learn How To Code Gets 500,000 Views In 48 Hours

    Initiative aims to get a ‘Code Club’ in 25% of primary schools by 2014. LONDON – 26 June 2012 – A video to get primary school kids into computer coding starring HRH Prince Andrew and World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has swept the web. The ad for Code Club was created in just seven hours by some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs. It has been seen over 500,000 times in just 48 hours. Code Club, an initiative set up by Clare Sutcliffe, a UX designer at digitally-led creative agency Albion, and Linda Sandvik, an interface developer at, aims to close the UK IT skills gap by creating a nationwide network of volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 10-11. Investors and entrepreneurs from the Founders Form had just one hour to conceptualise an online video that

  • Actian and Unruly Media Bring Big Data to Social Video

    Unruly’s proprietary social video technology platform can now deliver campaign data at unprecedented speeds. Actian Corporation today announced that Unruly Media has selected Vectorwise, the world’s fastest and most cost-effective analytical database, to provide rapid big data analytics and interactive reporting to its clients, empowering them to take real-time decisions and actions. Unruly has already delivered, tracked and audited 1.34 billion video views and executed 1,400+ successful social video campaigns for global brands, who use Unruly’s proprietary platform to deliver, track and analyse social media engagement and brand interaction. Launched as part of Unruly’s Social Video+ programme, Vectorwise allows Unruly to build on its existing proprietary platform to run real-time analytics and queries without the need for costly hardware. The database allows Unruly clients and campaign execs to