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  • Actian and Unruly Media Bring Big Data to Social Video

    Unruly’s proprietary social video technology platform can now deliver campaign data at unprecedented speeds. Actian Corporation today announced that Unruly Media has selected Vectorwise, the world’s fastest and most cost-effective analytical database, to provide rapid big data analytics and interactive reporting to its clients, empowering them to take real-time decisions and actions. Unruly has already delivered, tracked and audited 1.34 billion video views and executed 1,400+ successful social video campaigns for global brands, who use Unruly’s proprietary platform to deliver, track and analyse social media engagement and brand interaction. Launched as part of Unruly’s Social Video+ programme, Vectorwise allows Unruly to build on its existing proprietary platform to run real-time analytics and queries without the need for costly hardware. The database allows Unruly clients and campaign execs to