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Unruly Launches Analytics Dashboard; Enables Brands And Agencies To Outsmart The Competition With Real-Time Intelligence

World’s Largest Video Sharing Database Now Provides Historical and Real-Time Analytics.

Video technology company Unruly today launches a real-time analytics dashboard which allows advertisers to gauge the social impact of their current and previous social video strategies versus their competitors.

Released in open beta today, Unruly Analytics™ is based on the company’s proprietary technology, which has tracked seven years’ worth of historical video sharing data across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. The cloud-based dashboard has been beta-tested by some of the world’s biggest advertisers and measures content from 1,300 brands across all verticals.

“Unruly Analytics is super easy to use, has a sleek user interface and offers beautiful data visualization which updates in split seconds,” said Irène Labus, Analytics Director, Havas, who has been beta-testing the product.  “What’s most valuable about the product is that the real-time data tracks such a broad spectrum of branded video content, across paid, owned and earned media.”

The solution is available in two versions. The Benchmark Edition is used to effectively measure a brand’s social video footprint against its competitors while the Campaign Edition provides real-time insight into a specific campaign’s performance and ROI.

Unruly Analytics provides:

  • Cloud-Based Access: Login wherever and get real-time insights into video performance to quickly pull reports, measure success and inform future strategies. The data is collected every 60 seconds so you can always have an accurate picture of what’s happening;
  • Enterprise-grade software platform: Robust, stable product based on seven years of research and development;
  • Data Visualization: Create a variety of simple and elegant visual representations of vast  sets of data in seconds. Present them in an wide choice of classic and cutting edge visual analytics – including pie charts, bar graphs, polar charts and even streamgraphs!;
  • Historical and Real-Time Analysis: Capture data from specific timeframes e.g. last quarter, last year and past 24 hours;
  • Competitive Analysis: Benchmark a brand’s social video performance to outsmart the competition;
  • Granular Metrics: Track a broad variety of metrics, including total shares, shares by platform, views, views by platform, comments and likes;
  • Easy to use: The solution is easy to use and requires zero training.

“We are seeing an explosion in the social video market and brands are struggling to keep pace with how to measure the medium and report the success and ROI. Four billion items are shared on Facebook every day and 700+ YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute,” said Matthew Cooke, CTO and co-founder of Unruly. “Unruly Analytics bridges the gap between the big data deluge and the ability to pull actionable insight from video content tracking. Brands can now benchmark the success of their individual video campaigns or calculate their total share of voice versus their competitors.”

Unruly has tracked over 329 billion video views and tracks 1.6 million videos at any one time (in real time). Some of the data used in Unruly Analytics also powers the Unruly Viral Video Chart™, which has been trusted since 2006 by advertisers worldwide to track their video content.

Many platforms don’t begin tracking content until users have identified the content and asked for it to be tracked by entering it into the database themselves. Unruly Analytics is already tracking 1,300 global brands and counting. This is the reason why users are able to access historical data and competitive intelligence as soon as they log in to the dashboard, with no set-up required.

Predictions are that global online video advertising spend will rise to $10 billion by 2015, with internet ad spend expected to account for 59 percent of the growth in total ad spend between 2012 and 2015. In such a fast-paced environment, it is critical that brands have access to up-to-the-minute statistics.

Unruly Analytics is the latest in a line of Unruly™ products released in 2013. It completes Unruly’s capability to provide end-to-end campaign support to its clients, from creative solutions and content evaluation, through video distribution, social tracking and now customizable benchmarking.


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Notes to Editors

Screenshots of Unruly Analytics are available here. Unruly has released its Social Video Report: Q1 2013 using data supplied Unruly Analytics. You can download the report here.

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About Unruly

Unruly is a video technology company that works with top brands and their agencies to predict the emotional impact of their videos and get them watched, tracked and shared across paid, owned and earned media. We use our proprietary technology to turn target audiences into engaged viewers and engaged viewers into customers and advocates. Brands use our social analytics dashboard to benchmark their content, outsmart the competition and demonstrate superior ROI.

In a nutshell, brands use Unruly to join the dots on Facebook, YouTube and the social web. The Unruly Viral Video Chart has tracked 329 billion video streams since 2006. With an engaged audience of 978 million consumers, across the full range of mobile, tablet and second screen devices, Unruly has delivered, tracked and audited 2.8 billion video views across 2,500+ social video campaigns for over 400 brands including Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Warner Brothers and adidas. We’ve worked with 60% of Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands and our mission is to deliver the most awesome social video advertising campaigns on the planet.

Founded in 2006, Unruly has 11 offices and employs over 125 people globally. In 2012, Unruly secured a $25 million Series A investment – the largest ever for a private company in the social video space. The company has won over 15 awards including “Best Content Distribution Service” at the Braves Awards; “Digital Innovator of the Year” at the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 and #14 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2012. To find out more visit www.unrulymedia.com