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  • The Most Shared Brands Of Super Bowl 2013

    With Super Sunday TV audiences now surpassing 100 million and the cost of a single 30-second, in-game spot skyrocketing to more than $4 million, the term “winning the Super Bowl” has taken on a whole new meaning. The trophy may be pride and place on the Baltimore Ravens mantelpiece, but with the stakes so high for some of the world’s biggest brands, the real winners of the Super Bowl are the ones in slick suits and skinny ties rather than pads and helmets. But which brand ‘won’ Super Bowl 2013? Well, while the passive viewing figures of the Super Bowl on network TV look impressive at first glance, the real meat of the campaign response happens online, where conversations and social sharing turn the spark of popularity into

  • America’s First Social Video Lab Opens To Help Brands Find Out What Makes An Ad Go Viral

    Branded videos shared 500,000 times every 24 hours; Unruly’s New York lab helps marketers make the most of this trend through exclusive, customized insight. NEW YORK, LA, DETROIT, CHICAGO – June 11, 2013 – What makes a video go viral? Why do some online ads attract millions of shares across the social web while others largely go unnoticed? And why should advertisers care? A new lab – based in New York and the first of its kind in America – today opens its doors to help brands and agencies find out. The Social Video Lab, developed by video technology company Unruly, is designed to help brands make their video content contagious. The leading global platform for social video marketing, Unruly has tracked over 329 billion video views, worked

  • Unruly Named As One Of The Top 10 Companies In Europe At The Media Momentum Awards

    LONDON: 23 May, 2013 – Video technology company Unruly has been ranked among the top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe. The global platform for social video marketing ranked #7 in the 10th annual Media Momentum Awards, which recognise the leading companies in the digital economy. The awards, hosted by GP Bullhound, have become the top league table for Europe’s high-growth digital companies.  Unruly, the only social video technology company to finish in the top 10, works with top brands and their agencies to predict the emotional impact of their ads and get them watched, tracked and shared across the social web.

  • Dove Real Beauty Sketches Becomes The Most Viewed Online Video Ad Of All Time

    Dove campaign committed to fostering self-esteem among women reaches billions around the world. Less than a month after launch, the Dove Real Beauty Sketches film became the number one viewed online video ad of all time. The film, which explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see, has been viewed more than 114 million times to surpass all previously recorded video ads, according to the Viral Video Chart reported globally by Unruly*. In addition, Dove Real Beauty Sketches has garnered another 15 million views in China where it just launched. Not only has the film been viewed in record numbers around the world, it is also the most shared video ad in over a year and the third most shared of all time,

  • Unruly Acquires Social Ad Platform Furthering International Expansion And Solidifying Position As Global #1 For Social Video Marketing

     Enlarged media footprint and combined customer base confirms Unruly’s position as Number One for Social Video Marketing. Company poised to pounce on $10 billion social video advertising opportunity. London and New York, 13 May 2013 – Video technology company Unruly today announces it has acquired Shareifyoulike, the leading German platform for social video advertising. The acquisition combines Shareifyoulike’s portfolio of high quality media partners with Unruly’s global media footprint and proprietary technology, used by two-thirds of the Interbrand 100 and their agencies. Unruly’s international expansion has been rapid in order to meet growing demand from brands; the company now includes 11 offices worldwide, including five in the US. With online video advertising the fastest growing category of ad spend in 2012 and predictions that global online video advertising

  • Unruly Unveils Top Vine Metrics And 100 Most Tweeted Vines To Celebrate App’s 100-Day Birthday

    Five Vine videos are shared on Twitter every second. That’s according to new research released today by video technology company Unruly into the sharing patterns surrounding Twitter’s popular new mobile video app, which this week celebrated its 100-day birthday. Using data collected from Unruly’s new Vine app, the study also found that branded Vines are four times more likely to be shared than branded online videos and that, generally, more Vine tweets occur during the weekend than all of the weekdays combined.

  • Unruly Launches Analytics Dashboard; Enables Brands And Agencies To Outsmart The Competition With Real-Time Intelligence

    World’s Largest Video Sharing Database Now Provides Historical and Real-Time Analytics. Video technology company Unruly today launches a real-time analytics dashboard which allows advertisers to gauge the social impact of their current and previous social video strategies versus their competitors. Released in open beta today, Unruly Analytics™ is based on the company’s proprietary technology, which has tracked seven years’ worth of historical video sharing data across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. The cloud-based dashboard has been beta-tested by some of the world’s biggest advertisers and measures content from 1,300 brands across all verticals. “Unruly Analytics is super easy to use, has a sleek user interface and offers beautiful data visualization which updates in split seconds,” said Irène Labus, Analytics Director, Havas, who has been beta-testing the product. 

  • Tech City’s Free Pop-Up University Opens

    Stephen Welton, Chief Executive of the Business Growth Fund, and Bruce Daisley, UK Sales Director of Twitter, Unveil City Unrulyversity for Budding Entrepreneurs. LONDON — 30 January 2013 — Unruly, the award-winning global technology platform for social video advertising, has partnered with City University London to open a free pop-up university designed to inform, inspire and empower the next generation of Tech City entrepreneurs. Located at the heart of Tech City, City Unrulyversity is provided by leading academics from City University London. The venture will be opened today by Stephen Welton, Chief Executive of the Business Growth Fund and Bruce Daisley, UK Sales Director of Twitter. City Unrulyversity combines academic rigour and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge with practical relevance from the world of business. The

  • Unruly Launches Data-Driven Tool To Predict ‘Shareability’ Of Ads Before Launch

    Powered by proprietary algorithm and in collaboration with leading academics, Unruly ShareRank cracks code for social video success. LONDON, NEW YORK, PARIS, BERLIN, STOCKHOLM, — January 29, 2013 — Unruly, the award-winning global platform for social video advertising, today launches an algorithmic tool that allows advertisers to predict the ‘shareability’ of their video content, repeatedly and at scale, before it is even launched. Unruly ShareRank™ allows advertisers to optimize their content marketing strategy by calculating the amount of earned media their videos are likely to attract across the social web and how much paid investment should be deployed. Advertisers who use the predictive tool will gain insight into the psychological, social and content triggers that affect the success of their video content and, more importantly, they’ll know the word