Unruly / News / Unruly Tops IPA Media Owner 2013 Autumn Survey (IPA Press Release)

Unruly Tops IPA Media Owner 2013 Autumn Survey (IPA Press Release)

Disclosure: This release appeared on the IPA website on November 26, 2013

Unruly has taken the top accolade in the IPA’s Online Media Owner autumn 2013 Survey (25th November), with 82.4% of respondents agreeing that their overall experience of dealing with them is good.

Unruly Media are the only company to receive a score of above 80% in the ‘Grand Prix’ category in the Autumn Survey, and have gone up 7.8 percentage points and eight positions since their debut appearance in the spring 2013 survey. Exponential and Inskin Media came in second (79.2%) and third positions (78.9%). In this same category, AOL lead the online pure plays sector with a score of 78.7% and A & NY lead the cross over media sector with a score of 77.9%.

View the full survey here.

Other key findings:

• Yahoo and Microsoft are both showing very strong and broad levels of improvements in service levels. Yahoo is the most improved media owner in the ‘Grand Prix’ category, having increased their score by 17.5 percentage points, and Microsoft is a close second having increased their score by 16.5 percentage points.

• Microsoft has also improved by 10 percentage points or more across an additional 6 categories and leads 3 of these (communication of relevant new opportunities, agency/media owner partnership and constructive contact), while Yahoo has improved by 10 percentage points across an additional 5 categories.

• Say leads in 2 categories (understanding of own products and ease of contact) as do Exponential (Mid and post-campaign support) and Glam Media (innovative creative solutions and communication of direct contact with clients).

• In addition to the overall “Grand Prix” Unruly Media also leads the understanding of client strategies and objectives category.

• There are significant levels of improvement by the Crossover Media Owners covered by the survey, particularly Sky Digital Media who have made an improvement of 10 percentage points or more in relation to 6 categories.

• Telegraph.co.uk continues to lead the exploitation of cross-media opportunities category having scored top in this area for the seventh consecutive survey.

Says Nigel Gwilliam, IPA Consultant Head of Digital: “We are delighted with the importance online media owners place on this survey. Standards of service are rising, so survey performance is more and more competitive. As well as congratulating those performing best, we are particularly pleased with businesses that reacted to poorer historical results, achieving significant levels of improvement.”

The winners of the 2013 Media Owner Awards (MOA) were announced on Tuesday night (19th November 2013). From a shortlist of 58, 16 awards and 13 commendations were presented. Eight awards were submission-based and an additional eight awards were based on the results of the IPA’s Online Media Owner Survey (a combination of spring, autumn and year-on-year results). Full details: www.ipamoa.co.uk

The Survey is designed to highlight the levels of service media owners provide and outline where improvements can be made, with the aim of helping the growth of digital advertising, providing a voice for the industry and raising the digital standard in general.

Research was carried out in September 2013, with digital planners, strategists and buyers in media agencies as well as digital specialists being invited to take part. 359 survey responses were received. Best overall service attributes are based on research carried out in September 2013, most improved is based on period-on-period change (comparing to the previous spring 2013 survey).