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Unruly is nominated for two awards at The Drum Digital Trading Awards APAC

Well this is exciting: Unruly has just been nominated for two awards at the upcoming ‘The Drum Digital Trading Awards APAC’!

Best Ad Ops Team

First up is a nomination for Best Ad Ops Team. We’re over the moon with this nomination as the APAC Ops Team have been brilliant this year. They have grown programmatic expertise within the teams, bringing in experts and also up-skilling staff. As a result they’ve been able to provide industry-leading client service. As well as custom data solutions and outstanding insights and support.

The team have met the growing demand for independently verified, high-quality video ad formats on trusted and brand-safe environments. They have also introduced UnrulyEQ Custom Audiences – Real Audiences. This is Unruly’s proprietary first-party data solution which allows advertisers to enrich their personas, and build out bespoke data segments to target better, reduce media waste and drive higher conversion.

The Ops team’s expertise and agility powered a 470% year-on-year growth in programmatic revenue from 2016 to 2017. In 2018, the pattern has persisted, as a result the team have already doubled the amount of active PMP deals in comparison to 2017. They have also generating a 300% year-on-year growth in delivered PMP video views. This has helped to solidify Unruly’s position as a leader in the programmatic space.


Best Video Campaign

The second nomination for is Best Video Campaign for Unilever’s ad campaign entitled Cornetto ‘Cone’fessions.

For this campaign we partnered with Mindshare Philippines to harness the power of Unruly’s emotional testing and targeting technology. This ensured that Cornetto’s Valentine’s Day campaign was a hit with young people across the Philippines.

We distributed three video creatives via managed service, using our Dynamic Content Optimisation to ensure the best performing creative was promoted. This helped the campaign to easily smash its KPIs.

First of all we tested the content to better understand how it would perform, what emotions the creatives evoked and which audiences would respond best to the content.

We then ran a second campaign using only the two best performing videos, targeting audiences identified in testing and lookalikes to provide scale. This resulted in exceptional campaign results.

Nominees will find if they have won an award, received a commendation or remain a finalist at The Drum Digital Trading Awards APAC ceremony on 12 October in Singapore. 

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