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  • Most Shared Ads Of March 2013: Pepsi Leaves Competitors At The Start Line As Social Video Brand Race Hots Ups

    General public are the stars as experiential campaigns lead the way.  Members of the public were the undoubted stars of the Unruly Viral Video Chart last month. From mock murders to the most testing of test drives, a quarter of the top 20 most shared ads during March were experiential campaigns. Of course, these types of ads are nothing new. However, in 2013, there seems a growing willingness by advertisers to put supposedly unsuspecting consumers at the heart of their social video campaigns through playful pranks, horrible hoaxes or flashy flash mobs. But why are they suddenly becoming so popular among brands? Well, first, unlike 2012, there’s not much in the calendar. Last year advertisers had their pick of awe-inspiring, headline-grabbing events to build social video campaigns around. But this year there’s no Olympics

  • New Research Shows Untapped Potential For Alcohol Brands In The Video Space

    Top Four Alcohol Ads Account for 97% of Shares; Wine & Spirit Brands Have Untapped Potential in Social Video, According To New Study By Video Tech Company Unruly. Market leaders in the alcohol sector are being left behind in social video marketing because they are not optimizing their content for the social web, according to new research released today by video technology company Unruly.  

  • Unruly Global Ads Chart: Budweiser’s Brotherhood Canters To Top Spot

    Beer brand’s Super Bowl spot is most shared ad during February. Super Bowl ads dominate February’s Global Ads Chart, powered by Unruly. Altogether, nine of the top 20 most shared ads across the social web come from official game sponsors. It’s hardly surprising. The winners’ trophy may be pride and place on the Baltimore Ravens’ mantelpiece after their victory over the San Francisco 49ers on February 3, but for brands the battle for the Super Bowl still goes on. With the cost of a single 30-second in-game spot now north of $4 million, it’s only natural that advertisers are desperate to make the most of their massive investments in the sporting spectacle.

  • Most Shared Ads Of The Month: Singing Cats And Crooning Germans Hit The Right Notes

    What do human flea collars, cats singing classic 80s hits and Germans smoking sausages all have in common? Well, it may sound like a dream you once had after eating too much cheese before bed, but in fact they all feature in this month’s round-up of the Unruly Global Ads Chart. From the sublime to the completely ridiculous, the shortest month saw a lot of new brands walking tall in the top 20 of the Unruly Viral Video Chart. However, leading the way at number one is an-all-too-familiar sight – a Budweiser Super Bowl ad. Edged out of top spot during January by Thinkmodo’s prankvert “Devil Baby Attack”, the alcohol brand’s cute Clydesdale campaign “Puppy Love” took the number one position at a canter during February thanks to

  • How Top Brands Are Using Twitter’s New Vine App To Stand Out From The Social Video Crowd

    Why The Smartest Advertisers Around The Globe Are Flocking To Use The New 6-Second Sharing Sensation. Vine is the new kid on the social video app block. It’s new, easy to use and proving a powerful tool for top brands across the globe. Owned by Twitter but still retaining its individual identity, Vine is a unique social video offering. In a nutshell, it allows mobile users to create and post six-second social video clips. These videos can then be shared on multiple social media platforms. The beauty of Vine is its simplicity. Unlike Instagram and other third-party apps, there are no filters, frames and other variations for the creator to use. They simply shoot the video clip and share it. This all sounds great fun, but what can brands

  • Samsung Mobile Is The Number One Handset Brand In Social Video Advertising

    Samsung is not only the talk of this week’s Mobile World Congress – it’s also the number one handset brand in social video advertising. The annual trade conference may have just kicked off, but already the South Korean giant is dominating the headlines, thanks to its recently-unveiled enormous mobile-tablet hybrid, the Galaxy Note 8.0, and the upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S4.

  • Super Bowl 47 Car Ads – The Post-Game Reckoning (W/Videos)

    Writes Steve Davies, of auto blog Skiddmark. Most people if asked would say they weren’t interested in car ads, although perhaps what they really mean is they don’t ‘like’ car ads, because there’s a huge difference between the two. I’d agree, most car ads amount to lame attempts by brands and agencies who don’t understand an automotive audience, trying to convince us their latest Turbo GT is like sex on wheels, when in fact watching it is like the time your Dad tried serving Sunday lunch – Gangnam Style.

  • Budweiser Is Most Shared Social Video Brand Of Super Bowl 2013

    Budweiser is the most shared social video brand of Super Bowl 2013. According to data compiled by the Unruly Viral Video Chart, the beer brand’s video ads attracted the most shares across the social web*. Driven by the runaway success of ‘Brotherhood’ – the 14th most shared ad of all time – Budweiser attracted 2,087,488 shares, 434,250 shares ahead of Ram Trucks, in second spot. The CPG brand’s success breaks Volkswagen’s social video dominance at the Super Bowl. The German autos manufacturer was easily the most shared brand in Super Bowls 2011 and 2012, but dropped down to fifth in 2013.