Ad Of The Day: New Vibrating Underwear Video From Durex Teases Its Way Up The Unruly Viral Video Chart

You can now reach out and ‘touch’ someone over the internet, thanks to Durex. That’s right, the condom manufacturer has been spending a lot of time in the lab (possibly too much time) recently as part of their “Durexperiments” and have come up with underwear, called ‘Fundawear’, which allows you and your partner to ‘prod and rub’ you over the web through remote sensors.

Skeptical? Well, just to show it works, Durex Australia – which has been working with ad agency Havas Worldwide, in Sydney, on the campaign – last week previewed the new tech to the world through a video conversation between a giddy Aussie couple, which was posted on the company’s YouTube page.

In the clip, the young man uses the a phone app to prod and poke his giddy girlfriend in the breast. She responds through sensors attached to his underpants. For the benefit of those still unconvinced, she even chimes in with the assuring, “it feels like you’re touching me”.

Whether you are convinced or not, Durex Australia claims it could be the “future of foreplay”. And certainly by the number of views and shares – 3.4 million and 105K respectively – they could be on to something (although I am sure some of the video’s success is watching two attractive people getting ‘touched’ in their underwear).

You can even win some Fundawear by entering a competition on Durex Austrialia’s Facebook page.