Why South Korea Moves Faster And YouTube Isn’t Everything: Surprising Findings From Unruly’s Latest White Paper

unruly-whitepaper-geographywhitepaper (1)

The social web connects disparate people through globalised content sharing, but the world still isn’t as small as we might think it is. What turns one social video into a viral phenomenon in Brazil, while it barely leaves a mark in the UK? Why do certain emotional triggers work gangbusters in some countries but leave others nonplussed?

Our latest report delves deep into these questions, tracing out the invisible borders of the social web. The Geography of Sharing, produced from data provided by Unruly ShareRank, Unruly Analytics, Unruly Activate and the Unruly Viral Video Chart, reveals vital differences between the world’s social media landscapes, and how brands can understand their target markets even better.

More importantly, the report also underlines the characteristics that unite nations across the world, and how the most globally successful social campaigns are tapping into that commonality. With that in mind, here are just a few of the things we’ve learned on our travels.

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Unruly Unveils The Top 20 Most Shared Ads of 2014

20-11-2014 10-14-47

Activia, Nike, John Lewis and Budweiser commercials all feature on list of most successful online video campaigns; ads created for World Cup dominate in record-breaking year  

November 20, 2014: Ads created around this year’s World Cup dominate a list of the top 20 most shared online ads of the year, released today by marketing technology company Unruly.

A fifth of this year’s Top 20 Global Social Video Ads Chart were either World Cup-themed or created by sponsors of the famous soccer spectacle, with Activia’s collaboration with Colombian pop princess Shakira for the video “La La La” claiming the number one spot.

The ad has attracted 5,819,822 shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere since its launch in May, making it not only 2014’s landslide winner ahead of 20th Century Fox’s “Devil Baby Attack” (2,153,236 shares), but also the most shared ad of all time. VW’s 2011 Super Bowl ad, “The Force” (5,278,399 shares) had previously held the record for more than three years.

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Sumo Clashes and Fake Eyelashes: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Vine Image 17.11

As brands increasingly turn to Vine to connect meaningfully with their audiences, there is ever more potential to explore the platform’s creative possibilities.

However, with over 40 million registered users, it’s not always easy to find the most engaging content. So if you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in safe hands here: in just 36 seconds, you’ll know which brands are doing Vine right.

In this week’s round-up we watch sumos battle, see some vinyl-smashing shoes and finally learn how to remove sticker residue.


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Vine Inspiration Can Often Come From The Most Mundane Places, Says Pro Viner Dylan Blau

Dylan Blau Vine Unruly

The Unruly Vine interview series has become the go-to place for marketers looking to make the most of the hugely popular micro-media video platform. It’s also a chance to learn a little bit more about the people behind the most famous branded Vines on the web.   

This week we caught up with stop-motion supremo Dylan Blau. We were lucky enough to meet Dylan at Social Media Week London, where he had been commissioned by Microsoft to run a Vine creation station with fellow pro Viner, Yves Das.

After a busy Halloween content schedule, I caught back up with Dylan to pick his brains about Vine.

Here’s what Dylan had to say:

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17.9% Of Internet Users Account For More Than 80% Of Video Shares, Says Unruly

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New report highlights video sharing patterns across the globe

Thursday, November 13, 2014: Almost one in five (17.9%) internet users share videos with their social networks more than once a week. That’s according to a new report published today by marketing technology company Unruly, which found that these “super-sharers” account for 82.4% of all video shares.

Unruly’s Geography of Sharing Report, which identifies key online video sharing trends from around the world, suggests that advertisers looking to drive more earned media should target these consumers.

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Monkey Business And Musical Shelving: 6 Branded Vines You Should Watch Right Now

Vine Image 12.11

With over 40 million highly-engaged users and the introduction of ‘loops’ as an all new popularity metric, Vine is seriously hot stuff right now.

However, with floods of short-form content engulfing the Open Web, it’s not always easy to find the most engaging content. So if you’re looking for quality inspiration, you’re in safe hands here. In just 36 short seconds, you’ll know which brands are doing Vine just right.

In this week’s round-up we watch a mustachioed monkey, a headless Hyundai driver and a shocking mobile phone.

So cancel your plans for the next half-minute and enjoy!

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Winter Is Coming And So Are The Christmas Ads

John Lewis Xmas Ad

There are no winners and losers on Christmas day, except maybe when it comes to share-happy brands. As with “water cooler events” like the World Cup or the Super Bowl, Christmas is heavily-contested marketing ground, with brands teasing their advertising strategies months ahead of the big day.

Though we’re still weeks away from popping the first box on our advent calendar, plenty of brands have started throwing their novelty Santa hats into the ring. And it’s easy to see why. According to Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, two of the twenty most-shared viral ads of all time are Christmas spots, accruing nearly five million shares between them.

The question is: who’s found a gift in their stocking and who’s found coal? Christmas advertising is a delicate art, and John Lewis’ early contender shows the retailer knows exactly what it’s doing.

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